Choir’s Pops Concert is a Hit

Karis Moore, Staff Writer

The end of the school year is approaching quickly, and with that the choir department held their final concert of 2018-19 school year. Every year, the final concert is always an exciting one, especially since it is the “Pop’s Concert” meaning that it is the one concert of the year that the choirs get to sing pop and musical theatre pieces.
The concert was held in Erie High School’s auditorium on Tuesday, May 7th at 7:00pm. The choir kids stayed at school all afternoon, working away to get prepared for when the doors opened at 6:15pm. You could feel the buzz of excitement and emotion throughout the auditorium as the concert started. For seniors, this would be their final concert, and for everyone, it would be a chance to showcase some awesome music that much of the audience would recognize.
Katie Broerman, a senior that has been a part of the choir program for all four years of her high school, shared that she loves the pops concert, “because it shows how we’ve spent a whole year to get to where we are, and everyone always feels so close and connected.” She also shared that since it was the last concert of the year, and of her high school career, she appreciates the pops concert because she got to, “say her final words of wisdom and goodbyes,” in a special way.
Each of the five choirs sang at least one pop piece, and one musical theatre piece, some singing more, and then at the end all of the choirs came together to sing two songs. The musical theatre piece that everyone sang together was a beautiful piece called You Will be Found from the musical Dear Evan Hansen. It was very moving having everyone singing on stage together, as a backdrop came down and displayed quotes of hope and ideas of why you matter in this world. The second tutti piece, meaning all of the choirs together, that they sang was a song from the movie La La Land called Another Day of Sun that they performed as they danced across the stage with choreography that they practiced leading up to the concert. It was a great way to end the concert with excitement and a bang.
As the year comes to an end, and the final concert of the year has come to a close, there are only a few small performances for the choir department left. So, keep your eye out for those in order to catch them before the school year is over, and come in next week to watch Songs You’ll Never Sing, which will have some great performances of musical theatre solos by all of the choir Students in class!

Featured here is Erie Choir’s class of 2019 seniors!
Featured here is all of Erie’s choir department dancing to Another Day of Sun from the movie La La Land