The Sweet Success of Girl Scout Cookies

Dillon Huselton, Staff Writer

America loves Girl Scout cookies. The sales say enough as it is but add that to the tie-in products like Yoplait’s Girl Scout cookie flavored yogurt. Girl Scout cookies have become a national phenomenon, and with so many kids setting up cookie stands how could they not be? When this time of year comes around, when winter melts into spring, girl scouts start selling their products outside of most major box stores like Walmart and King Soopers. Many girls choose to go door to door collecting cookie orders.


If you’re looking for some Girl Scout cookies, then go to a grocery store or you could wait for the cookies to come to you. Sadly, some areas don’t have the same amount of coverage as the bigger towns. If you think you live in one of these areas you can check the Girl Scouts website found here:


The cookie sales are used to support the Girl Scouts of America. The organization specializes in teaching young girls skills to use in everyday life. Now, Girl Scout cookies are hard to find because only two bakeries are allowed to produce the cookies. Many other cookie companies have created knock-off cookies like Keebler’s Grasshoppers. So if there are no girl scouts in your area then you can always find knock-offs at grocery stores.