The New Professional Football League

Blake Donaldson, Staff Writer


    With the end of the NFL season, a new league of professional football emerges. Different rules, different teams, veteran players, and a whole new league. The Alliance of American Football league looks to reach new heights and set records in their inaugural season. The AAF has taken retired players, players who didn’t make the NFL, and also players who have been cut from NFL teams. They look to give players a second chance while also continuing to get paid while playing.


    The AAF is an eight team league with two conferences. Four teams per conference. The AAF has a four team playoff bracket taking the best two teams from each conference and clashing the four teams together for a chance at the title. The season is a total of ten weeks which means there is 40 games. No team has a bye week unlike the NFL.


    There is a ton of different rules separating the AAF from the NFL. Many of them, fans fell in love with instantly. Some of the most notable are the sky-judge which has the ability to call or correct calls on the field. This rule blew up because it was announced shortly after the Saints and Rams game which ended in the now infamous, “No-Call.” Another rule that everybody loves are the fact that overtime is played with high school rules. Each team gets a chance from the opponents 10 yard line with 4 downs to score. If no one scores after one possession each, the game ends in a tie. Another crazy rule is the onside conversion rule. In the case of an onside kick a team can keep possession of the ball by attempting an “onside conversion”, a scrimmage play from their own 28-yard line and gaining at least 12 yards (essentially, a fourth-and-12 play) A team may not attempt such a play after a field goal or touchdown unless it is trailing by 17 or more points, or during the final two minutes of the first half, or during the final five minutes of the second half. The onside conversion play is also available after any safety played from the 18-yard line.


    All fans are now waiting for the season to get kicked off and start rolling. Will the AAF live up to the current hype? Or will it just be another disappointment to fans just like the XFL? It all goes down on February 9th.