How to Spend Your Spring Break the Right Way; The Cheap Way

Spring Break is the most exciting thing about second semester besides the last day of school. It is a time to have fun with friends or family, but you don’t always have to spend a million dollars on a fancy Cabo vacation to enjoy your break.

Liv Hawkins , Staff Writer

Since spring break is approaching, and teens could not be more excited. Right after midterms, and right before everyone has to start studying for finals, there is a week off for you to do whatever you want. Okay, so maybe not “whatever” but whatever is legal and approved by your parents. Living in Colorado there are endless things you could do over the week of spring break. You could leave the state or not leave the state and still have lots of options.

If you’re looking for something to do on the cheaper side, here are a few ideas. Snowboarding and skiing are fun activities that you can do with friends or family, although skiing or snowboarding can be expensive when it comes to buying a lift ticket. If you like shredding Arapahoe Basin, their lift tickets are going from $66.99 – $81.99, which is a really good deal. Eldora is a very close option for snowboarding or skiing that also has cheaper day passes than most.

Another cheap way of having fun this spring break would be simply just driving up into the mountains and getting food with friends. The only expenses would be for gas, food, and maybe some souvenirs, which is worth it for the beautiful scenery and the people you will spend your time with. A couple close places would be Nederland, Estes Park, or Grand Lake (you can get to Grand Lake by taking Trail Ridge Road which is over the Rocky Mountain National Park). Another smaller town on the way up to Estes Park is Lyons. Lyons has many cute coffee shops and places to get a good breakfast. Any of these beautiful towns would be a good choice.

All of these laces may sound like fun but sometimes you need an escape from the freezing cold every day. In that case you may want to go to another state. Road trips are really fun ways of making memories and getting out of your hometown for a little bit. If you’re looking for somewhere warmer than Colorado you may want to go somewhere like Arizona or New Mexico. Take some friends or your family and stay in a hotel or maybe even an Airbnb with a pool and enjoy your break and some sun.

For those that enjoy going to the more touristy places or landmarks there’s a couple incredible places you could visit over break. The Grand Canyon in Arizona is about a 12 hour drive, if you don’t mind all that time in the car and are able to possibly get a hotel overnight this would be a super fun way to spend your break. Another popular destination would be Moab, Utah. Moab is only a six hour drive from Erie, Colorado. In Moab you can go on tours, hikes, or off riding in the beautiful Arches National Park, and see many other amazing natural formations in different parks.

There are only 21 days left until Spring Break, so start planning now! Make sure you allow this to be a time for you to unwind from midterms or any other current stressors in your life. Don’t think about your finals in May, just have fun.