Witt Unruh – Making a Champion

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Witt Unruh – Making a Champion

Jaxon Higgins, Staff Writer

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Witt takes dominant position, grappling for an arm bar

Witt Unruh’s journey to state began at a very young age. And from the beginning he set himself apart as a competitor. Even as a middle schooler, Witt was known for his intensity on the mat. His will-power in and out of the room has brought him incredible success. He quickly became recognized for his leadership and physical ability – traits that would only continue to develop as time progressed.


Witt and his lifelong friend Tanner David grew up wrestling together, bonded over their shared passion for the sport, the duo became a force to be reckoned with. Erie natives, both athletes exceeded expectations as tireless workers at practice and meets – often provoking uniquely high praise from their coaches. The primary years of development for the two wrestlers were pivotal for creating the competitors they became. As leaders not only on the wrestling team but on the football and soccer fields as well, the fighting spirit is one apparent in both.

Witt and Tanner, taking home trophies from one of their first ever tournaments

For the first three years of high school athletics, wrestling off-season for Witt meant in-season for football. As an underclassman, what he lacked in skill, he made up for in his natural influential personality. His drive was infectious, and as verified by nearly every single one of his coaches, he inspired others to work to the best of their ability. Just having Witt on the team meant that every individual will be performing at maximum capability – an understandably invaluable trait in an athlete. He finished his high school football career prior to senior year due to his work at local ice cream shop Sweets, and his many other engagements – such as volunteering at Calvary Bible Church. But his fighting spirit was not limited to his work on the field and mat. Witt has long been recognized as a considerably successful scholar, with grades and test scores to back it up.


Always the scholar, Witt has been accepted to highly esteemed schools such as the University of Denver and the University California, Polytechnic. Showing himself as a threat even away from the world of sports. However, the same characteristics that make him a successful wrestler have proven to be invaluable in the classroom. Witt admits that a part of what pushes him to perform the way he does is his hate of being wrong. This natural competitiveness translates seamlessly to his long journey to the state wrestling tournament. A competitor that hates losing as much as Witt does is dangerous. While he is a fierce, passionate athlete and student, his extracurricular endeavors are nothing to turn your nose up at.

Apart from being on the board of both Erie’s resident math club Mu Alpha Theta, and the local chapter of the National Honors Society, Witt volunteers with the community church, takes time to tutor fellow students, and has coordinated and overseen various youth retreats. While many young prospective college applicants partake in similar activities to build up resumes, Witt does so simply because he loves to. Helping others – another trait necessary in a natural leader – is something that he finds himself doing more often than not. And in his future career he hopes to pursue this further.


A future biological sciences major, Witt intends on devoting his life to medical research, pursuing cures and treatments that could help make the world a better place. Using his gifts to help as many people as possible. As every one of his coaches, teachers, friends, and classmates could attest, whatever Witt Unruh decides to do, he will find a way to be successful in it. As he did with wrestling, with football, with high school, with extracurriculars, with everything he has done thus far in his life. Not placing in state would be heartbreaking, if not for the fact that his future holds so much more in store for him than he could have imagined the first day he stepped on the mat. The disciplines learned from his time wrestling have catalyzed his growth into the person he is today.

Witt finishes his wrestling career with a win

Witt takes his first dub as a wrestler