The Regrettes: The Underground 4-Piece Reviving the Punk Rock Sound


Artwork for The Regrettes’ EP, “Attention Seeker.”

Mya Jordan, Staff Writer

Ever since the birth of electro-pop and trap music, it seems that the sound of rock is desired by many music fans now more than ever. As 808’s pervaded mainstream radio, guitar-driven genres took over the underground music scene.

Punk rock band The Regrettes may seem like just another band from Los Angeles, California. However, the ambitious four-piece creates their music with such a distinct sound that you may find yourself having a hard time letting them go.

The band’s frontwoman, Lydia Night, pulls off the role of an independent and empowered political progressionist with absolute ease. Her vocals are strong and bold, amplifying the confident direction of the band’s lyrics. Each and every single one of the bands’ songs screams “I know what I’m doing, I know what I want, and I couldn’t care less what anybody else has to say about it.”

Now that you get the gist of The Regrettes’ voice, you may be wondering, “What exactly separates this group from any other dauntless musician/band out there?” Sure, it seems that self-empowerment and determination are a common factor of lyricism nowadays.

The Regrettes separate themselves from others by managing to fuse together several musical genres that don’t often meet nowadays. By interweaving elements of the classic 50’s doo-wop sound with garage punk/rock, the band captures an oldies sound that the music scene generally hasn’t heard of in decades. The Regrettes’ instrumentalism is also very notable, with lead guitarist Genessa Gariano’s clean solos and Brooke Dickson’s catchy bass lines. Drew Thomsen’s hard-hitting drums seem to work with Night’s rhythm guitar perfectly, especially in songs like “California Friends” where the bass drum and muted guitar chords effectively carry the build-up of the infectious verses.

Now, these four musicians are currently joining Twenty One Pilots as the opening act for their UK and European tour until March 17. New music from The Regrettes lies in the distance for this year, as well as a high possibility for a massive growth in the band’s popularity.