Is Death Equal Punishment?


“There is never a good reason to kill a person.”

My immediate reaction to this statement was no. People are capable of doing things that cause more harm than them dying. Traumatizing, life running events; People can create those. So should we have a death penalty?

Do they deserve to die?

Is the death penalty really justifiable?

In my head I try to find examples of what a person could do that would make them deserving of death, and and you may guess, killing another person is high on that list. Mass murder or hate crime, running of human trafficking. Killings of innocent people that didn’t deserve to be harmed for fun, going into school with a gun and shooting your peers. Do these people deserve to die? It’s all so dependent. But I think they do. If you are willing to harm another person and take their life, and then beg for your own what kind of person are you? If you are capable of killing another person you should be willing to take equal punishment.

Then there is the argument that I have with myself where I’m convinced that people truly deserve a second chance. People can change, and sure it may take them a while, but I’ve seen some major changes in people that I was convinced weren’t capable. It’s really hard when you know that they didn’t change in time to stop damage, but it’s also not wrong to let them try again. What if we kill them before they become an amazing person with morals?

What if people who are punished by death want to die?

But some people don’t change, so it’s a precaution. So no, there are some good reasons to kill a person. And after death, we never really know if people could change. I really can’t think of a certain number of years that someone could spend in jail to make up for killing another person (on purpose). Example one: Hitler was a person who definitely deserved to die, maybe he even deserved more than death. How many years of jail would he deserve? Could jails even provide an equal punishment? What about the people who supported him? What if someone was forced to kill another person? What if it was in self-defense?


There are so many questions. Do laws account for all the possible numbers of situations? Maybe, and maybe that’s what I’m counting on.