Nora Roth

Sydney Wolff, Staff Writer

You’ve heard of the state championship cheer team, but have you heard of their coach? Nora Roth is hidden in the shadows but her life story has so much to tell.


Roth was born on Aug 30th, 1991 in Nebraska. Even though her family lived in Holyoke, Colorado. “I grew up in a small town so I only had one option for school.” Holyoke Elementary, Middle School, and High School is where Roth went to school. “I was a multi athlete in high school and participated in basketball, volleyball, cheer, track, and swimming.”


Her dad was a coach for Holyoke. That’s where her dream of becoming a cheer coach began.


Roth has had many experiences with coaching. Her first year coaching was in 2013 as the head coach of Wheat Ridge High School. Last year she took over the assistant coach spot for Erie cheer and is the head coach this year. “Coaching this many high school girls is always a challenge, But ultimately coming to practice everyday was my happy place.”


Roth was inspired to be a coach from her dad “I always knew I wanted to be a coach since my dad was a coach. I wanted to carry on that small legacy he left behind.”


Roth has always had a love for cheer, so becoming a cheer coach made the most sense to her.


Roth’s high school experience was very fun for her. “since I went to a smaller school including thirty five people total, everybody knew everybody.”


Roth’s town that she lived in was very active with each other and you knew everybody who lived there. Since Roth was in so many school activities she was constantly on the go. Her school and town were a very supportive society for Roth to be in “My school and town, where extremely supportive of their athletes and I was given so many opportunities because of it I wouldn’t change anything.”


Roth is also the coach that led Erie Varsity Cheer to State Champions. Roth said “This year’s team was one for the books. Every single athlete had their own personality that they brought to the table.”


Roth took this team as her second family. Times while she was coaching the team could be very rough, but she never gives up on anybody she knows can try harder. “I can relate to her in a way that I haven’t related to a coach before.” Says Flora Amaya one of the captains on the Erie varsity cheer team.


Teenagers on the team love to be around Nora knowing that she will always be there for them. “she’s respectful to our opinions and is a kind person to be around.” says Ella Mullins a freshman on the Varsity Cheer Team.


Being the Head Cheer Coach isn’t the only thing Roth is capable of. She works as an insurance agent at Statefarm. “I’ve also worked as a nanny for many years and sold wedding dresses for a while.” Roth has very busy days but always had time for whatever she needs to get done.


Even though Roth’s days are full she never doesn’t have time for her family. Her and her husband, Casey Patterson spend lots of time together, weather it’s at home or a fun day at the movies. “I have been blessed with an amazing man though who realizes our “fun” time is commonly spent on a sideline of a football game or at a cheer competition.”


No matter what Nora has to do or where she has to be she always makes time for everybody in her life. Roth has a very interesting life story that was eating to be heard. It takes a wonderful person to be able to put together such and amazing Cheer team and make her life so impactful.