Is there enough space?

Sydney Wolff, Staff Writer

Have you ever thought about all the sports Erie High School has going on each year? There’s a lot of them at Erie, and the question of where they all should practice is becoming a problem.


Teams around Erie are practicing in hopes to bring some first place trophies home. Every week at Erie there are so many teams that need to get things done, from cheer to basketball to dance. But there isn’t enough space or set times for everyone. Each team has a set day and time on when to practice but sometimes other teams take that space and then the other teams are left trying to find somewhere to go. This affects teams because then they lose practice time.


This could also affect the school, if the teams have no place to practice the school will have to pay for a bus that will take them somewhere where there will be space for the team. The Cheerleaders at Erie had to take a bus down to Denver to have space to practice because the spot in the gym was taken. Other sports teams from Erie have lost their space too. We need to come up with ways that will make everybody at the school have enough space. We all want to be successful, but that’s not going to happen unless this issue is figured out. As a school the teams could maybe make a meeting to visit the times and places they practice. If there is any interference they could possibly visit the idea to share the gym so everybody can get what they need to done.


Teams have tried moving practice times to not right after school but maybe an hour or two after so there aren’t as many teams there, but people on those teams have work. Also, later at night you are going to get less sleep and not be as ready for school the next day. They have also tried morning practices but there are already teams every morning in the gyms. Weekend practices are difficult to schedule because on Sundays you can’t have practice per CHSAA rules and regulations Weekdays are the only days where every team can get in and work on what they need to. For a bunch of sports their final tournaments, and or competitions are coming up quickly. Witch means practice is more important than ever. Many teams want to fulfil their legacy by getting first place.


Coaches are getting stressed when these collisions happen. They don’t know what to tell the athletes and they don’t know who to talk to about this issue. Parents are also getting upset because they need their kids to get practice time because they need to be active. The school needs to take action so these teams can get practice   


The end of the season for some teams is coming up fast. With Cheer winning State recently and Dance making it to the state finals, teams around Erie still need space to practice. Space around Erie has become such an issue where teams had to cancel practice some days. For sports every minute counts for practicing, every minute of every hour is something they could be working on. Teams are at points where they can’t lose any more practice time.


In the future the school should make more space in the school dedicated to sports, or make exact times for each team to have practice. This would make everything go a lot smoother, so every team can have their own time in the gyms.