Instant Family Review



Sydney Wolff, Staff Writer

Warning: Mild spoilers of the movie Instant Family, starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, are found below

Despite the great amount of comedies being released lately, I had yet to stumble upon a movie that brought tears of joy to my eyes. Instant Family is a movie that will fill your heart up with joy.

A couple that is in love decides they want to start a family. They realize that children are in need that are up for adoption, so they decide to take the task and go and adopt a kid. The one child they planned to adopt turns out to be 3 kids. One very rebellious teenage girl comes with two younger siblings. They turn out to be a lot harder to handle then the couple thought. The kids are challenging but the family starts to fall in love. They realize after a while that they need each other.

This movie was an incredible movie to watch with my friends as well. We were constantly laughing and there wasn’t a second where there wasn’t a smile on my face. This movie also made every part interesting, regardless of what was happening there was always something to watch and be happy while watching it. The actors in the movie were very good as well, I was never dissatisfied with what the actors were saying or doing.

There was also a few sad and exciting parts. The kids where very rebellious at times so the climax of the movie was very exciting. Sad parts came from when some of the kids may have to leave the family to get adopted. But this movie is mainly funny and such a good movie to watch with friends.

If you are ever feeling down or if you are ever needing a laugh, the movie Instant Family is waiting for you to go see.

You can watch the trailer for Instant Family HERE.