How to Start Zero Waste

picture of a shelf inside a bulk store.

picture of a shelf inside a bulk store.

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If you have been paying close attention, you may have noticed that the trend of “zero waste” or “low impact waste” has been entering the mainstream media recently. To explain the topic, zero waste is essentially a lifestyle of trying to minimalize your personal garbage. People who participate in this lifestyle try to recycle and reuse the majority of that which they consume.

At first, you may think it is impossible to live this way, and you are not completely wrong. Sometimes you have to spend some time on DYI solutions to remedy an activity or decision that creates waste. But if you start this lifestyle the right way, you might actually enjoy what it could bring. So here is a zero waste beginner guide to help you be on the right path.

picture of the recycle sign.


  • Take a deep look at your trash

This is a highly recommended step to take since you would know exactly what you are throwing away. This can make it easier to find alternatives to stop discarding those items if it is not necessary. One way you can follow this step is make a list. Everytime you throw something in your trash bin, write down what that item was. Then when your garbage can is full, look back at your list and see what you could replace on that list. One easy possible switch is using reusable hand towels and napkins, instead of paper towels.

  • Buy reusable alternatives

This can be extremely helpful as you may not have what you need to replace your single use items, like plastic bags and razor refills. Now, you do not need to buy every zero waste alternative out there at once. Switching from one lifestyle choice to another is a process, after all. First buy one or two and use them for a while before getting more, so you are more comfortable using these products as you go.

  • Take action!

The most important step of them all: take action and make the switch. Take your own tupperware to restaurants so you do not have to take the leftovers in a plastic container. Once you use up your toothbrush, buy a bamboo one to recycle after you have worn it out. Using your own produce and shopping bags at the grocery store can save so much waste. The possibilities are endless!


Everyone has to start somewhere, so making small changes to save the environment is always good. If you see someone who is a guru when it comes to creating no waste, it is most likely because they have had lots of experience to learn from, so do not get discouraged. Instead, be more inspired by them as everyone’s journey is different.