Erie’s Band and Orchestra Program Throws a Ballad of Their Own

Erie Rocks the Night Away With the Winter Concert

Erie Tiger Network

Tanner David, Staff Writer

On December 6th Erie’s own band and orchestra department played melodic songs for the annual winter concert. Attendance of the program was remarkable nearly a full house. Many of these audience members were parents but there were a significant amount of students watching also. These performances were well received by the audience. Three sections of the music department made up the concert, the first being the orchestra which played Ventus by Todd Parish, Impact by Bob Phillips, and Toccatina by William Bofeldt. These songs were heartfelt by the crowd. The Orchestra was followed up by a strong staging of the Symphonic Band. The songs put forward was Aerius by Carl Strommen, The Nightmare Before Christmas by Danny Elfman, and finally From the Highest Peak by Robert Buckley. Then came the group of the hour, EHS’ own Jazz Band. The songs played were Back to the Basement by Bret Zvacek, Vehicle by James M. Petrik. The crown jewel of the concert was, best stated by Mr. Carmichael “the tasty solos”. And that they were. All of the Solos were smashed by most of the Jazz band members throughout the show. Including Aidan Hoskinson’s Jurrasic Park Theme sprinkled in. The best show of solo talent had to be Jon Rice’s smooth solo, an electrifying presentation. Overall, the Band and Orchestra had a tip-top showing.  

Tanner David

A link to the full performance here