State is Within Volleyball’s Grasp

Karis Moore, Staff Writer

The Erie Tigers Varsity Volleyball team will be playing regional playoffs on Friday, November 2nd. The girls beat both Colorado Springs Christian Academy (3-1) and Eagle Valley( 3-0) on Saturday, October 27th, to determine their rankings for the playoff games this coming weekend. They are seeded 7th in the state and will be hosting Lincoln in their first match today.

The volleyball team has been facing some hardship this season with losses against Frederick, Roosevelt and Holy Family, as well as the loss of two key seniors Mya Michaelson and Autymn Purcell. Despite this, they came back and beat Frederick and Roosevelt the second time they played them, and they are hoping to push through and make it to the state championships for the second time in the school’s history, their only other appearance coming in 1994.

Many of the senior girls have been working together and playing on a team together since elementary school. They have pushed very hard to make it where they are, and according to senior Skylar Small, “our goals for the past couple of seasons and especially this season was to be where we are at this point and make it to State together our senior year.” The girls have been through a lot this season with hardships and drama, but they have bonded a lot and are “excited to work together at the playoffs in their own gym.”

The Tigers will play their first game this Friday at 2:00 against Lincoln, and then they will play Silver Creek for a shot at a spot at State. They will have to win both games to ensure a spot in the 2018 State Championships. If they go 1-1, they will have to rely on a tiebreaker in order to still make it to the state championship tournament.

This is the first year that Erie High has ever hosted volleyball regional playoffs, so come support the girls on Friday at 2 PM in Erie High’s big gym, and help push them to State!