High School Students for Hire


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Tanner David, Staff Writer

With the fall athletic season coming to a close, you might find yourself with extra time after school and the chance to earn some money. Getting a part-time job might be the answer to your spare time. A job is an important first step for a teenager to enter the “real world.” There are numerous of jobs available to high school students, although some of these jobs definitely go under the radar for many students.

The face of REI. Although more of a drive then more workplaces, REI is a great place to work if you love the outdoors! Provided by Tanner David

With some vacant hours as a result of a sport ending, or even just wanting to pick up some work, jobs are a great way to build up that all-important resume. In Erie alone, there are a plethora of jobs for which a student can apply. Some are more glamorous than others, for example being a busboy at 24 Carrot Bistro. These jobs are definitely a real-world experience that will help now and down the road, including giving students experience and helping them develop work ethic for potential employment in college and other post-high school endeavors.

With Erie expanding so much in the last decade, job opportunities for high school students have grown exponentially. Some of the more popular locations for high school student employment are Wendy’s, Sweets, King Soopers and Safeway. The reasons? Most of these locations are very close to major neighborhoods and already have students working there. Having friends at work creates a friendly work environment and strengthens ties to your coworkers. The employment opportunities are broad for students, ranging from scooping ice cream at Sweets to refereeing airsoft games at Goairheads. Jobs for high school students are available from all corners of Erie. With some specialized training, most students can become a lifeguard at the closest pool, clubhouse or recreational center.

A student watches over the lively pool. Ready and waiting for disaster to strike. Provided by YMCA Ohio

As a high school student you have the unique opportunity to work unconventional jobs, such as mowing lawns and babysitting, however these jobs can be more complicated to set up compared to a job to which you just show up. These odd-ended jobs can earn a significant amount of money for the mild work required. Babysitting is also another favorable employment opportunity during the school year even, with other after school activities. Normally babysitters are in demand on Friday nights or the weekend.


With the amount of work available for any schedule, you can obtain a part-time job in Erie quite easily with all the prior requirements that may be included.