Top Four Best Fall Treats of All Time

The perfect recipes for your Halloween party or a fall gathering.

Liv Hawkins, Staff Writer

Yes, those store bought cookies with the ghosts and pumpkins on them are aesthetically pleasing and perfect for VSCO, but you know what is even better? Homemade cookies! Think about it, they taste better, make your whole house smell like a candle from Bath & Body Works, show off your incredible baking skills, and you can post the whole process with your friends or family on VSCO, Instagram, or Snapchat. Here are the four best fall cookies that are super easy to make and taste amazing.

This first seasonal cookie only takes 30 minutes and best of all… they are pumpkin! These soft pumpkin cookies are perfect for this season. It is October and pumpkins have never looked or tasted so good. These would be great for a halloween party with friends and family because one batch makes three dozen. These cookies are super soft and the perfect size to just grab and enjoy.


These second cookies may be a little more sophisticated but perfect for you and anyone else you know who loves coffee. Spiced Cappuccino Kiss Cookies are gonna be your new favorite coffee treat with a kick. You get two dozen cookies in 30 minutes.


Next we have something that is going to have your cousins, grandparents, and aunts asking for the recipe. These Carrot Cake Sandwich Cookies will surely satisfy any sweet tooth. With a soft and crispy outer cookie and creamy frosting inside you will make these for every holiday event or for just a night while watching a good movie. Spare just 40 minutes to make 15 delicious holiday Carrot Cake Cookies.


Lastly we have maybe the most iconic fall dessert of all time. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread. Yes, I know these are not cookies but they are too good not to share. These cookies are so easy to make, you can make multiple loaves at a time, and grab a slice anytime you want (I eat it for breakfast all the time).