Erie Softball JV & C Teams Finish 2018 Season Undefeated

Erie Softball Programs JV and C Teams are looking at a Bright Future.

Morgan Walje, Photographer & Staff Writer

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Just a few weeks ago the Erie High School softball season came to an end with an unfortunate loss at state. Regardless of a tragic end to the 2018 Varsity softball season, Junior Varsity and C team had an undefeated season.

    With a total of 34 Junior Varsity and C team combined all of which were undefeated. Junior Varsity played a total of 19 games with C team which playing a total of 15 games this season. The effort put into each and every game from each and every player was immaculate. These athletes put their whole hearts into the game and left it on the field. Much of the credit given to the players should also be directed towards the coaches.

    Coach Harold Simmons, head coach of Erie High School varsity softball and Physical Education teacher at Erie High School, put many hours into making sure that Erie High School softball program was representing Erie High School in the way it deserves.

    Coach Dave John, the 2018 Junior Varsity team coach also led an undefeated season. John’s sustainability and organization not only kept his team on track but smiling when doing so with more than enough laughs in the dugout as well.

     Coach Dan Mestas, who is a Social Studies teacher at Erie High School, was the 2018 C team coach, and led an undefeated season. Mestas not only gave his time but gave his whole heart to his athletes on and off of the field.

    Last but not least the Erie High School softball program had more than enough support with three extra coaches to help alongside and provide enough experience and education to each and every athlete on the field.

    With only a loss of four seniors this season, Erie High School hopes to shoot for a state win in 2019.