The Future of T-106

Dillon Huselton, Staff Writer

In line with the new advancements being made at Erie High School, the engineering room has made improvements and expansions that allow the students to continue to innovate and create to their fullest extent.


These improvements are something relatively unknown, but for the last two years, the engineering room (T-106) has housed a fabrication shop. For those not familiar with the engineering program, a fabrication shop is where everyone on the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) spectrum goes to create or fabricate new parts for building or creating. Recently, Erie’s humble engineering room has received quite an upgrade through an extension to the storage room to allow for more functionality to the engineering room. Kelsey Rasmussen, the teacher who has spearheaded the engineering program, sat down to explain the changes in more depth.


When asked about the changes made to the engineering room, Rasmussen stated, “The second student makerspace could not be supervised so I had asked for a window to be installed to allow supervision. Now we have a makerspace for cutting wood and cardboard things that create sawdust, and a second makerspace for more delicate things like circutury and 3D printing.”


Rasmussen also had some news about future changes to T-106, explaining  “There are currently plans to put a projector to project on the second whiteboard. The STEAM club (which meets at lunch on Wednesday) is going to help me design and set up an electronics lab.”


These are the current changes being made to the engineering room. If you are interested in helping with the design and construction of the electronics lab, visit T-106 Wednesday during lunch for STEAM club. The future of the engineering room is currently under the students’ influence. As Rasmussen said, “The STEAM club is always willing to accept new members regardless of their level of experience.”


While the current changes may be fairly inconsequential to the average student at Erie High School, the future changes could affect the entire student population, going beyond just the STEAM students.