Advancing Technology

Blake Donaldson, Staff Writer

With the release of the iPhone X and the new Galaxy S9, the debate for which phone to choose is getting more difficult, especially if you want your hands on the newly released devices. But Verizon and AT&T just announced a new type of phone that no one has ever heard of and can change how mobile devices are used in the future. The new phone prototype is called the RED Hydrogen One. It is a holographic phone that acts and looks like a smartphone but the screen is like none other.


The phone is said to be on the Android platform. No dates or prices were announced at the event that RED displayed their future phone but it is expected to cost about 10 percent more than the popular iPhone X which costs $999. RED promised that the phone would have a 4D holographic display. The Hydrogen One will also have a 5.7 inch display.

New prototype of holographic phone

There are many obvious question about the future phone because holographic phones have never reached the hands of people until now. Some of the questions that are still to be answered are, “how many holographic movies, games, shopping and other apps will be made available at launch, and how good will that content look?

A comparison between new apple phones and Hydrogen One

Besides the holographic fare, the folks at RED say you will able to view stereo 3D content, as well as virtual reality, augmented reality, and yes, regular 2D material too. RED claims Hydrogen One is designed for “doers, makers and content creators.” Using what is being referred to as a “pogo pin system,” you will also be able to stack modules onto the device to add functionality, presumably along the lines of what Motorola does on its Moto Z smartphones with Moto Mods accessories. Again no details have been supplied, but given RED’s pedigree, you can imagine modules could add new camera tech in some fashion.

New design for Hydrogen-One

With the constant upgrades in designs, people are always going to be mad to stay on their toes and to be ready for everything. But with the holographic phone being the first of its kind, no one will know how it is going to fare against the newly released phones. But if there is one thing we know, there is going to be lots of people that are going to buy the phone so they can be one of the first to use the phone and have bragging rights to their friends.