Simmer Into Summer

Madison Hays and Hannah Goldman

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Summer is just weeks away and it is time to start getting excited for the feeling of no more endless assignments. What is a better way to spend your summer then by coming up with a bucket list?


Want to go out and about on a nice summer day? Try these ideas:

  • Go camping: This is fun no matter if you just take a road trip up the road, stake a tent in your backyard, or going to a different state.
  • Sleep outdoors: If you are not outdoorsy you can still sleep outdoors from the comfort of your own home. Sleeping in a tent or on a trampoline can be a fun way to sleep under the stars without being too far away.
  • Night swimming: While swimming is fun during the day, night swimming is a fun way to swim under the stars and not have to lather up on the sunscreen.
  • Go on a run: Enjoy some fresh air while staying healthy.
  • Elitches: Nothing is more fun then screaming at the top of a roller coaster or having fun on other rides during the summer.
  • Water World: On a hot day, the place to go is Water Word! Cool down while going on water rides or jumping in the wave pool.
  • Volunteer: Do something good for your community, town, or state! Help out at a food drive or help out at the closest shelter.


Are you stuck at home for the day? These ideas will turn your boring day into fun!

  • Painting: When it is too rainy out, painting is a fun way to pass the time.
  • Decorate shirts: Take a trip to Hobby Lobby. Buy some five dollar shirts and puffy paint. Have Fun with it!
  • Movie marathon: What is a better way to spend the day by grabbing some popcorn and binge watching your favorite movie series or television show.
  • DIY projects: If you want to know how to turn an old water bottle into something or how to clean your house with a piece of paper, turn to YouTube and find some easy to do DIY projects to kill the boredom.
  • DIY room decor: You could always make your room more fun by adding something you made. This is a simple way to enjoy the day. Watch some Youtube for tips and tricks for any room.


If you are bored in your house you can make some food because who does not love food?

  • Make lemonade: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. It is cheap and easy to do. You can also set up a lemonade stand. Our favorite tip is to sell some to some golfers because on a burning day, the golfers can easily get dehydrated.
  • Learn to make a meal: Who does not love food? Make a quick and easy meal for any time of the day. Google will help come up with ideas and you get to try something new.
  • Make popsicles: What is a better way to beat the sun then by making some popsicles, it only takes a couple hours and then you can enjoy a homemade treat!
  • DIY Snacks: Are you hungry? Go down to the kitchen and make a smoothie, or pretzels.


Summer is meant to make memories with friends. These ideas will be fun and create memories that will last forever.

  • Have a bonfire: Bonfires are a fun way to spend time with friends and make some s’mores!
  • Go to a lake: What is more fun than going paddle boarding, canoeing, or just swinging in a hammock at a lake.
  • Go mini golfing: When real golfing is too hard, mini golfing is a more fun and simple way!
  • Go to the pool: Swimming is a great way to exercise and have fun with friends. Just don’t forget some sunscreen!
  • Water balloon fight: When sun is burning fill up some water balloons and throw them around and start some friendly competition.
  • Go on a hike: Take a look at nature’s most beautiful sights and views. Enjoy the day out in the fresh air with friends.
  • Outside chalk drawing: Everyone remembers drawing with chalk when they were little. Bring this fun pastime back and show off your artistic skills.
  • Shopping: You never have enough clothing! Weather you buy something or not, get together with friends and try on the weirdest outfits you can find.
  • Tye Dye: Go to hobby lobby or search through your closet for some white shirts. You can tye dye it and turn these shirts into your own.
  • Photoshoot: This will definitely make your instagram summer feed look amazing!


If you are an organizer or like to have a full calendar then these are some fun ideas you can plan in advance:

  • Watch the sunrise: Even though during summer you want to sleep in, wake up early in the morning to see the beautiful pinks and purples in the sky. Enjoy the sound of birds chirping, and take in what the world has to offer.
  • Watch the sunset: Pull out some lawn chairs and watch the sun turn into the stars. It is a relaxing and gorgeous way to wind down for the day. If you want, pull out a camera to take some instagram worthy pictures.
  • Going to an outdoor movie: Pull out your projector and sit in your background and watch a movie, or go to a drive-in movie with your friends. There even are dive in movies at the water park in Eliches.
  • Picnic: Get a blanket and a basket and go on a picnic at a lake, park, or even your own backyard. It is a fun way to have a meal.
  • Fireworks: The fourth of July is a special time to hang with friends and celebrate. Watching fireworks is a fun tradition to start.
  • Go to a fair: Fairs are always a fun time! Walk around to different booths, and have fun in the sun.
  • Play a sport: Stay active with a simple pick up game with friends, or join a summer camp for your favorite sport.
  • Bubble/color run: Running through bubbles or color splashing on you is an amazing experience.  
  • Red Rocks: Never been to Red Rocks? There is plenty of concerts there over the summer that you can still get tickets for. Also they have beautiful fireworks for the Fourth of July.
  • Orchard Carnival: The Orchard Town Center in Westminster has a carnival that lasts a few weeks in June. It is a fun place to hang out with friends, go on a fun ride, and eat delicious but overpriced food.

When the stress of projects and finals are over, you may not know what to do with your time. These are to create the best summer ever! These will also just a few ideas to have fun and pass the summer boredom.