What is a VeganEgg?

• Korie Gallagher •

Packaging of the VeganEgg.

Eggs have almost always been a common breakfast food. They are easy to make in the morning and are considered delicious to some. But what happens if you ever become vegan and suddenly have to give that up? With the vegan egg, you will not have to.

Follow Your Heart is a company that began as a vegetarian restaurant in 1970. Seven years later, they came out with their first vegan product, Vegenaise, a egg free mayo. Traveling to 2015, Follow Your Heart released their first ever vegan alternative to traditional eggs, the VeganEgg.

Ever since then, the product has expanded from Amazon to retail stores nationally in the United States and the United Kingdom. One of these stores included Sprouts, a supermarket chain which is where I bought the VeganEgg to try.

Making the vegan “egg” is very simple. Wisking ½ cup of ice cold water with two tablespoons of the powder which is the VeganEgg makes one “egg”. This “egg” can be used in anything you can think of, from cakes to omelettes. However, this process can be inconvenient if you do not have cold water ready to pour from your fridge, and instead rely on tap water.

Making standard scramble eggs with the VeganEgg is different than using chicken eggs. For one, it takes six to eight minutes for the alternative to be cooked throughout than the normal, which can take less than five minutes. Another difference is that the VeganEgg can appear done before it actually is, compared to chicken eggs that are done when they appear to be done.

When first eating the VeganEgg, the texture is the first thing that pops out to you. It surprisingly feels like an actual egg to the point where it could make someone question if it indeed is a real animal egg. The taste is more on the neutral side of things. If you add some spices to it, it can taste good but the VeganEgg itself does not taste as close to an egg as you may think.

In conclusion, I would buy this again if I had the sudden urge to make vegan scramble eggs. For it to be vegan is impressive itself, but I personally think the taste needs a little improvement. To rank this, I think this is the best egg replacer in the market you can buy.

In the future, I could see newer versions of the egg replacer that will be more like real eggs as technology advances. But the VeganEgg product will be a classic that can never be beat in the present.