How You Are Going To Rock The SAT This Tuesday

Don’t stress over the SAT breath, relax and take this advice.


Kailey Pickering, Senior Staff Writer

The time has finally come for the test we have been preparing for our entire school life. The SAT is here next Tuesday, April 14th and the PSAT on Wednesday, April 15th. For Juniors, this is one of the most important tests we have had yet and it will be easy to stress out over it, but there many ways to breath, remember that you have got this and do great on it!

By now you probably have many strategies to use on the SAT but it is always a good idea to learn a few more. PrepScholar “The 23 SAT Tips and Tricks You Must Use” stresses that it is important to understand your mistakes when studying and practicing for the SAT. Most of the time if you put time into studying the problem and realizing your mistake it seems much clearer and you will not make the same mistake again. If there seems to be no correct answer in your choices you could start by crossing out answers that seem far from correct, use the process of elimination.

If you are a visual person, write all over the test, wherever you need to, however, you need to whether you need to cross out answers or markup the text or underline specific information in the question. Some of those passages really are some pretty boring content but if you can find a way to make yourself interested in the article you will remember important aspects better. Memorizing formulas will also help with the math section, it will save you time from flipping pages and make you more confident. If both answers seem grammatically correct in the grammar section then pick the more concise one.

Mentally and physically preparing for the SAT is just as important as the intellectual part. Get a good night’s sleep the night before and eat a good breakfast. Stay calm throughout the test and do not stress out. Mentality is one of the hardest aspects we will ever face, if you can take a breath and relax instead of freaking out and freezing up, your brain will thank you. The last few years Erie has been great about giving practice SATs to prepare students for the real thing. The practice tests provide the same test-taking environment and very similar question. So really you have already been exposed to the SAT and the more you take practice tests the more confident you will become.

But in addition to strategies, advice is just as important. Kepler says to “Go back and review old math classes you took years ago like algebra.’’

There will be a variety of math forms on the test and reviewing will definitely, help. Kepler also suggested getting a good night sleep and relaxing. Trinkner provided advice that “If you feel like there are two answers in the grammar section choose the shorter one, just believe in yourself. Cydnie O’Brien, a current Senior who just took the SAT last year had a lot of advice for Juniors taking the SAT. O’Brien stressed to always take advantage of the SAT help teachers provide and review the parts you do not feel are your strongest. But most importantly O’Brien voiced, “Do not stress yourself out. You are still smart and good. Do not let a number define your intelligence.”

Whether you like it or not the SAT is coming but really there is not a good reason you need to freak about it. You have spent the last 11 years studying the context on the test and the last three practicing the test. At some point or points you have learned everything on the test. If you have done your work and taken class tests you have taken another step towards success. The SAT is just another test that you are going to ace, just relax and remember what you have learned, your score will soar.