Candidate Profiles – Senior Class President

Delaney Spielman, Staff Writer

Senior Class President


Teagan Brand


Senior Class President Candidate

Insta: @teagan_forscp

Experience: Brand has been in StuGo since middle school, she has a vast range of experience and expectations for how to persuade the staff. Brand is also heavily involved in track and field, choir, and the upcoming musical.

Campaign Promises: One of Brand’s goals is to make senior year an especially fun memorable time for students. She wants to create a legacy that future generations will look forward to.

Endorsements: Grace Jardine for treasurer

“It’s a great day to vote for Teagan Jae”



Braidy Bristow


Senior Class President Candidate

Insta: @braidy4seniorclassprez

Experience: Has been involved in soccer, Future Farmers Association, competitive riding teams, and has taken several leadership classes. Bristow believes she is an assertive leader who will listen to other people’s’ suggestions

Campaign Promises: Bristow would like to organize a fun senior year with a united senior class and a good prank.

“Make senior year sparkle. Vote Braidy B for scp”



Kelyn Goldenstein


Insta: @kelyn_for_seniorclasspresident

Experience: Goldenstein has been a member of the football team and has really reached out to the community. He believes his unique ability to create emotional connection and relate well with people makes him predisposed to be a great SCP.

Campaign Promises: Wants to have class specific events that will unite the different classes.

Wishes to endorse Tony Simone for treasurer

“Put a little Sunshine in your day”



Sam Orona


Senior Class President

Insta: @sammyboiseniorclass

Experience: Orona has participated in boys tennis, track, erie tiger network, and has ateended several leadership conferences. Orona is hardworking, and organized leader.

Campaign Promises: Orona wishes to  keep the school clean, start a recycling program, wishes to amend advisory and focus on providing seniors with quality information such as college aid.

“I really care about the future about the future and the present of this senior Class.”

Orona wishes to endorse Nick Cuccaro running for SBP.

“Sam is no scam.”


Yisha Shen



Insta: @yish_for_scp

Experience: Shen has been involved in Model United Nations, tennis, the green

team, and the marine biology club. She believes she is a natural leader with many ideas and a determination

Campaign Promises: Would like to assign parking spots, move senior plaques into the junior senior lounge so they are easier to see, and make more clubs so everyone can become involved.

“I can’t promise every day will be a good day,  but I’ll bring you something good everyday.”



Olivia Stecina



Insta: @oliviaforscp

Experience: Stecina has been a choir section leader, film recorder for CSU, NHS member, and has been involved in the green team. She is a brave and strong leader with the ability to follow through with her promises.

Campaign Promises: Stecina wishes to facilitate a greater student/faculty communication, create a greener school, and develop a friendly, inclusive environment.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, Olivia is the SCP for you.”