Candidate Profiles- Student Body President

There are 3 candidates for Student Body President this year.  To learn about them, just scroll down to their candidate profile.

Joshua Alejo


Student Body President

Insta: @joshuaalejo4sbp

Experience: StuGo, restorative justice, theatre department, relatability, special understanding of Erie, wants to give back, has spoken to Buchler

Josh’s Campaign Promises include;

 -More assembly involvement

-fundraising ideas

-school safety

-make people feel valued


Endorsements: August for VP, Kyra Bell and Izzy Hageman for secretary

Quote:  “I’m doing this to give back the same experience to you guys that you have given me.”

Slogan: “Grow with Alejo”


Nicholas Cuccaro


No tricks, just Nick

Nick’s Campaign Promises include:

-Real upgrades to the Jr/Sr Lounge

-More pep rallies

-To up the school spirit game

-That each student will have a memorable high school experience

Endorsing Alec Fling for Vice President


Noah Roper


Student Body President

Insta: @noahroperforpres

Experience: Longtime community member of Erie community. Has been involved in many sports and has attended leadership conferences.

Campaign Promises: Would like to make high school a fun environment. One goal is to play music in the halls during passing periods.

 Roper endorses Kaleb F. for treasurer, Nathan H. for Vice President, and Teagan Brand for Senior Class President

“Don’t be a joker, vote Noah Roper!”