What Has Been Wrong With Schools Lately ?

And could it be changed ?

• Korie Gallagher •

If you talk to any student, they would say that school is a stressful and horrible place. Well, maybe not every student, but the majority say so. The question is, what would make school better for our pupils?

To two students in different school districts, the problems are divergent when compared to each other. Samantha Kendall, a freshman at Erie High School, on one hand, thinks lessons tend to be political. “I think a major thing would be the fact that we make so many lessons way too political. I get it, it is a big topic going into 2018. But we do not need to teach kids what is right or what is wrong about politics. They can believe what they want, instead of only believing a teachers point of view,” Kendall commented.

On the other hand, Nina Rollin, a freshman in Siuslaw High School (Florence, Oregon), thought schools do not let students be who they are and think students are all the same. “There are not enough opportunities for children, like not enough electives to take for example. Also, too many restrictions in how students want to express themselves. In addition, not many ways to teach, they expect everyone to learn the same way,” Rollin said.

As for solutions, the responses are very simple. For Kendall, the solution is for school to be focusing more on the subject instead of politics. On the contrary, Rollin thinks teachers should teach kids individually.

Overall, both students rate school districts on an average that they are okay. “I feel like they are doing an okay job. Not the best. But not the worst. There would be things that need some change, but overall I think it is good,” Kendall concluded.