The Green Team is Growing Metaphorical Trees in our School


Isabelle Spetalieri, Staff Writer

The Environment is a crucial part of the Earth’s future, and humanity’s. The United States makes up 5% of the population on Earth, but it takes up over 30% of its resources. The decline of our natural resources and the pollution that humans expedite could lead down a very rocky road for humankind.

If the New York times used recyclable paper for one day of their printing, they would save over 75,000 trees. Some scientists believe that by the year 2100, the Earth will only be able to sustain about 2 billion humans (Clean Living).

In Erie High School, recycling is not one of the top priorities. The lunch trays are styrofoam and are not recycled. The bins around the school are all thrown into the same garbage dump as the trash. Part of the problem is that the janitors are severely understaffed, and there is not enough time to separate the trash and recycling. Another problem is the fact that the school does not have enough dumpsters to use one for recycling. Also, students are usually not cognisant while throwing away their items.

Mrs. Mitchell, who teaches at Erie High, runs the Green Team, an environmental group that wants to spread awareness.

The three main goals of the Environmental Committee, are to reduce, reuse, and recycle. They want to reduce the environmental impact left by Erie High School,

reuse items in the cafeteria and classrooms, and recycle items that can be reprocessed. Though the janitor crew is pressed for time, they are willing to try to help with the recycling efforts.

Mitchell gets her philosophies and inspiration for her club from her passion for the environment and for nature. Her love for all living things and the Earth shines through her efforts in the committee.

One of the main problems the committee faces is the need for publicity. Though the number of members is growing, the committee needs more people involved to make a big impact. One way the efforts are hoped to be spread is by way of the word. Positive change is the most effective and pertinent way to spread the word.

Hopefully, this club will help to diminish the effects this High School leaves on the Environment and on Earth, and will lead to a better future for the students, teachers, and everyone who works to provide for the education of new generations.