2018 Olympic Men’s Figure Skating Preview

A preview for the 2018 Olympic men's figure skating event.

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2018 Olympic Men’s Figure Skating Preview

Josie Brewer, Staff Writer

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Yuzuru Hanyu at the 2016 Grand Prix final.

The 2018 Winter Olympics start this Thursday, Feb.8th, but one of the most exciting events beings on Feb. 15, men’s figure skating. Who will be on top? And who will fail to gain a medal?

Figure skating is a sport that few can keep up with as one must have the strength to perform quads on ice but also enough elegance to score high on ones step routine. A truly awe inducing event that almost anyone can enjoy, but the competition is fierce this year and no one truly knows who will win the gold.

Nathan Chen at the 2017 U.S. Figure Skating Championship.

In the 2017-2018 figure skating season, Nathan Chen has become a favorite for many. As the first man to accomplish five quads in one routine and this years Grand Prix final champion, it is quite the list of accomplishments for only being 18. At this years olympics, he will be skating for the U.S. as usual and performing two new routines (to the 2017-2018 season) that capture his more masculine style, that still incorporates his high, elongated jumps. But not far behind him lies Shoma Uno of Japan, a silver medalist at the 2017 figure skating world championship and a three time medalist at the grand prix final. Uno will also be skating two new programs to this season, which shows off his wide skill set and executed jumps. The two boys are young and newer to the sport, but are bursting with talent, and somehow both carry their own unique styles. They are at the top of the lists for medal contenders at the 2018 Olympics.

Though the true mystery shrouds around Yuzuru Hanyu, the 2014 olympic gold medalists and a four time champion at the grand prix final. But unfortunately, the 23 year old suffered from an ankle injury and has only been seen at one competition this season. Though he will be competing at this years olympics under Japan, it is unknown how he will do as he’s just recovering from his sprain. Luckily, he will performing two beautiful programs, his short and free skate, that he has skated and won with in the past. He has been known to capture the hearts of many, as he has a very passionate, feminine style.

All three men are predicted to place this year, but exactly where they stand, is unknown for now. But there are many skaters that could creep up to snatch a medal such as Adam Rippon, who is the 2016 U.S. champion, or even Jin Boyan, a two time bronze worlds medalist. There is no doubt this year’s men’s figure skating event will be truly captivating and we won’t know until the last minute who will rise to the top. Make sure to tune in February 16th to watch all of the skaters show off their skills and wow the judges and audience alike.