Mt. Fuji Hibachi is on fire!

Hannah Goldman, Staff Writer

The well known Orchard Town Center has expanded its amazing restaurants by adding a Hibachi restaurant, known as Mt Fuji.

When you walk into the restaurant there are many tables, and every single customer has a glowing smile on their face. After a short wait for a table, you get seated on a cushy chair and start to look at the many options on the menu.

The menu has an option for everybody! From meat lovers to vegetarians, everyone can find a meal that they will love!

Mt Fuji is on top of everything. This is shown by the almost immediate service. After being almost immediately seated, you get asked for an order and a drink. The drink arrives very shortly. The wait for an available chef takes about ten to 20 minutes. From there on the fun begins.

Every meal includes a soup, salad, vegetables, fried or steamed rice, and noodles. The soup is comes in a medium bowl that is filled to the rim. There is a mix of a few vegetables inside of a delicious broth. The salad includes a small variety of vegetables with a sweet dressing. Out of the foods I tried here, the salad was my least favorite because there was not a wide variety of vegetables.

After the soups and salads came the chef came around and started to make the vegetables, rice, and noodles. The vegetables had a lot of soy sauce on them, which took away most of their flavor, but the dish still tasted great. I ordered the steamed rice, which was my biggest regret since it did not have any flavor. This influenced me to try my friend’s fried rice. The rice was one of the best foods of the night. It had a great mix of flavors which balanced each other out very nicely. The noodles has a ramen like shape and tasted very similar to them as well. These noodles were a great contribution to every meal and every person got a large amount of them.

I ordered a duo of the Hibachi Chicken and New York Steak. The Hibachi chicken had a strong lemon taste, at the same time it was not sour. In addition, the chicken was a little dry, but still delicious. Mt Fuji did not give you nearly enough chicken, as the portions of meat are very small compared to the amount of vegetables and rice I got.

The New York Steak was amazing. I ordered it medium-well done and it was cooked to perfection. This steak was a tad salty, but this helped contribute to the overall taste. In addition, the meat was juicy and a little too tough for my preference. However, the chef did cut the steak up into little cubes so it was easier to chew.

Morgan Walje

“The salmon tasted very good it was amazing. I loved the tastes and texture. However, the favorite thing I got was the noodles,” comments Amy Norris, a Mt Fuji customer.

Melissa Over, who has been a vegetarian for over a year, even found an option for her that she enjoyed. Over ordered the tofu meal in addition to all of the other side dishes. “The tofu was good, it was not the best tofu I have tasted, but I did enjoy the salad and vegetables a lot,” remarks Over.

Mt Fuji is an amazing restaurant with an incredible staff. If it is your birthday, they will sing you happy birthday in both English and Japanese and give you an ice cream sundae.

The food at Mt Fuji is amazing and I definitely suggest going there. Mt Fuji is one of my favorite restaurants and I know I will return in the near future.