What does an Erie High School Spring Musical Audition Really Looks Like?


Faith Chatten, Senior Staff Writer

As auditions for Erie High Schools 2018 spring musical, the Music Man, wrap up, many students have wondered what auditioning really entails. As many students go and see the flashy lights, crazy costumes, and fog machines each spring, few know what things actually look like in the very beginning, starting with the audition. Here is a guide to everything you need to know about the spring musical audition:


Step 1: The Musical Theater Workshop

The process begins with an all day workshop run by Mr. Wright, Mrs. Bird and various theater and dance professionals. Throughout this day, students will receive and practice audition call back materials including songs and scenes for the lead characters, learn the audition dance, and get to have fun making memories with new friends. Going to this workshop is beneficial for students because it is the only way to learn the dance audition and receive call back materials before the day or day before the actual audition.


Step 2: Preparing for your Audition

Preparing for your audition starts by signing up for an audition slot and learning about the audition requirements. Both of those can be found on the Erie Theater Department website under the AUDITIONS tab. Once that is done, print and fill out the participation agreement that can be turned into Mr. Wright and Mrs. Bird during your audition time slot. Next, find a monologue and song to perform for your audition that fit the requirements on the theater department website. It is important to look for a song and monologue that fit with the theme of the musical that you are auditioning for. Lastly, memorize both and practice, practice, practice!!!


Step 3: Day 1 of Auditions

What is it like to actually walk into the auditorium and perform your audition? You will walk on stage and see Mr. Wright and Mrs. Bird sitting on far stage left, which is the side of the stage that is on the left when you are facing the audience. You will walk in, give them your participation form, give the accompanist sheet music for your song, and stand where the “X” is placed on the stage in blue tape. When you give the accompanist your music, you should sing a couple of measures of the part that you are singing so that they know the tempo that you will be taking it at. Once you get to that “X,” you should say your slate. What is a slate? A slate should sound like this: “Hi! My name is (blank), and I will be performing a song called (blank) from (blank- a musical).” You will then sing your song with the accompanist. After that you will slate again saying something like “Next, I will perform a monologue said by (blank- character) in (Blank- a play or musical).” Once you have performed your monologue, you are done with Day 1 of auditions.


Step 4: Day 2 of Auditions

On day 2 of auditions, all students learn and perform the audition dance. The biggest thing that Mr. Wright and Mrs. Bird are looking for in these auditions are facials while dancing. For example, in the Music Man audition, they were looking for big smiles.


Step 5: Callbacks

Callback announcements are posted on the AUDITIONS page of the theater department website at the end of day 1 of auditions. Once the dance audition ends, callbacks begin. If you get a callback, it means that Mr. Wright and Mrs. Bird need to see more from you, but it does not mean that you will or will not get a certain part or get into the show. During these callbacks, students will sing the callback songs and perform the callback scenes from the musical.


Step 6: Waiting to be cast

After completing two days of auditions, it can be treacherous to sit and wait for the cast list to be posted. Fortunately, announcements about the spring musical are typically posted by midnight after day 2 of auditions.