Star Wars: The Last Jedi Spoiler-Free Review

Alex Van Brocklin, Staff Writer

Star Wars: The Last Jedi  Spoiler-Free Review: 


Star Wars fans has been waiting for this movie for two years since the highly anticipated release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015).  After the initially exciting movie came out, there was the cliffhanger of recent times, when the long awaited reveal of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) is shown and Rey (Daisy Ridley)  holds Anakin’s original lightsaber out to him.  With this being the link between the beginning and the end of the new-age trilogy, many were anticipating it to replicate Empire Strikes Back (1980), as The Force Awakens resembled Star Wars (1977).  The hype has certainly been built up as many TV spots and trailers have been released as the fanbase awaited the movie.

I have to clear this up before this review proceeds any further, and it is that this movie does not resemble any other Star Wars movie to date.  It shows small moments of being similar to the original trilogy, but this movie is more original and unexpected than any other Star Wars movie to date.  It consistently takes you in a direction that is not expected and follows a completely new formula.  Whether it be how the characters perceive each other, or the overall tone of the movie.  The unorthodox story arc at times confused me as to what is really happening and what I should be focusing on.

Another thing about this movie is that there is not as much action as a Star Wars movie is expected to have.  However, the lack of action is made up by the storytelling and development of the characters.  It is not always clear who exactly is the real villain for most of the story and the director, Rian Johnson, keeps the mix-ups coming and it is unclear on how the story progresses.

The main characters in this movie are for the most part well-acted, with the exception of some bad lines, but that is a given with every Star Wars movie.  The Story picks up right where The Force Awakens picks up.  With the First Order base, Starkiller Base, being destroyed, the First Order looks to destroy the remaining pieces of the Resistance.  A great opening sequence gives this some meaning as The Resistance is shown to be absolutely decimated after the battle, and are on the run for the entirety of the movie.  From this, Finn is awoken from his Coma and wants to help the Resistance by attempting to hire a code breaker to break into the First Order’s main Star Destroyer.  Meanwhile, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) is battling with his inner conflict of turning back to the light side.  After he was defeated against the extremely powerful, but untrained Rey, he looks to redeem himself by following through to the original plan by bringing her to Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis).  At the same time as all of this, Rey begins to convince Luke to return to the Resistance as they are in dire need.  Luke is convinced that since he had failed to train Kylo Ren, that he couldn’t help Rey and that the Jedi should die along with him.  The story really takes place in four different stories that complement each other fairly well.

As for how the characters are portrayed, it is somewhat confusing on what their intentions are.  The three main characters, Rey, Kylo Ren, and Luke are probably the highlights of the movie.  Rey, who just beaten Kylo Ren, is desperately trying to learn the ways of the Force from Luke, but in his old age and failure with previous pupils, he is extremely stubborn to teach her.  From the hopeful and resilient Luke of the original trilogy, Luke is now a grumpy, stubborn old man who has cutten himself off from the resistance, along with everyone else including Leia (Carrie Fisher).  Kylo Ren looks weak towards the beginning of this movie, having just lost to a novice, and looks for early redemption.  His weakness then turns to anger and power and Supreme Leader Snoke let’s Ren know how displeased he is with him.  Ren uses this anger and takes it out on the Resistance in a quite brutal way.  As for the lesser main characters (with less screen time), Poe (Oscar Isaac) and Carrie Fisher are the best parts.  Throughout this movie, Poe beings to call shots but at a risk that ends up not being worth it, and Carrie Fisher gives a good performance at the Leader of the Resistance.   Finn’s (John Boyega) screen time is quite reduced from The Force Awakens, but he is still relevant in the story with the ambitious new character Rose (Kelley Marie Tran).  Finn takes pity on Rose, who just lost her sister in a battle that Poe got them into, and they decide to journey together.

As for this movie, I’ve said it before, but it is kinda weird.  Unexpected is a better word, but anyone who watches it will understand what I mean.  The opening sequence is intense and I really enjoyed it and how it set the tone of the movie. From here it goes back between the four stories, that of: Rey and Luke, Kylo Ren, Finn and Rose, and Poe, Leia and the Resistance.  The movie from here is kind of a jumble of stories as the first act sets everything up.  The second act is probably the weak point of the movie as nothing really happens with Kylo Ren and Finn’s stories.  Specifically Finn’s story, which in my opinion, is actually an inconsequential story with almost nothing of interest happening.  However, the second act picks up into an amazing third act.  At times I actually couldn’t believe what I was watching.  This movie had some weak points, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the last part. I really liked it, but I think it was hyped up a little much.I don’t want to give away anything else, because it shouldn’t be spoiled, but it is overall a great movie.