Super Heat Everywhere

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       Recently there has been an insane amount of natural disasters, including the unbelievable wildfires. 2017 has been quite the year and has had lots of destruction. One of the huge parts of that destruction is the fires. One deadly and tragic example of this would be the Los Angeles, California fires. These fires may be due to other disasters, but global warming can not be discounted.


         Global warming has been apart of this world forever. But lately, it has dramatically increased. Just this year, it did not officially stop snowing until late May. On average, Denver gets about  57.1 inches of snow per season. This year, we have had an astonishing amount of snow, recording 69.3 inches according to the National Weather Service. A huge factor in this could be the global warming and it messing up the temperatures and weather. Denver has not seen a flake of snow until just finally on December 14th of 2017. We normally see snow start to roll in mid November.  Potentially because of global warming, we have not seen much snow at all late this year.


         Since global warming has been a factor in the temperature and weather, as a result, the United States has had many scorching fires. The most historic one this year was the fire in Las Angeles, which ate up nearly 143,000 acres and destroyed more than 400 building. This included at least 150 homes and many other unrecorded buildings that were destroyed. President Trump ended up sending extra support and medical assistance to California to help the people affected by the wildfires.


         “This fire just keeps on going on us,” said Capt. Israel Pinzon, a spokesman for the state firefighting agency. The fires in California have been nearly impossible to beat, saying that there are so many that are rapidly growing. As a result, the firefighters can not just focus on each one on its own, they have to attempt to take out all of them at once. Many people have had to evacuate their homes and move elsewhere. Even the people that are not neighbors to the fires are being affected due to the wide spreading of all the ash. The people that are affected by the ash cover the pools, making them unusable. The government is putting out a lot to attempt to fight the fires and put out the raging disasters.


         Global warming is just going to get progressively worse, and cause more problems in the future.  As of current, there is no solution to stop global warming, but it is definitely a huge issue that is constantly brought up and talked about. We hope that we can find a way to calm global warming so that it does not continue harm the United States, as well as civilians.