What NOT To Do To Prepare For Finals

Freaking about finals? Here are some tips on what NOT do for the big tests.


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Kailey Pickering, Senior Staff Writer

With finals only days away it is important to know what to do to prepare. However it is equally as important to know what not to do when preparing for the big exams!


1) Procrastination!

Procrastinating will forever and always be your worst enemy, whether you are dreading studying for finals, avoiding a group project or putting off a job presentation. If you can learn to teach yourself to suck it up and put the effort into your work, then you are golden. But if you want to fail finals, then procrastinating is the way to go.


2) Do Not Sleep!

Even though as teenagers we are all used to going to bed at 11 or midnight (and then there are those crazy ones that stay up until two in the morning), sleep is a HUGE part of your performance. Whatever you do you are always going to need sleep;  accept that now and expect great things, or do not, and settle for the bare minimum.


3) Use Only One Method

If you want to space out and not make connections during the test when it counts, then only use one method of studying. There are so many methods of studying like using colors, drawing pictures, watching videos and so many other great ways to study. So if you want to freak out when you are in need of knowledge, stick to one way of studying.


4) Netflix!

Netflix can be the best and worst thing that has ever happened to you. It is great to wind down and lose stress, but if you spend four hours watching Stranger Things, your future self is not going to thank you.


5) Argue With Your Teachers

Disagreeing with and picking fights with your teachers is the absolute best way to fail you classes. Even if you know in your very soul that you are right, sit tight and stay quiet because it is the teacher’s class not yours, and they are going to teach it how they please. You will not always agree with everyone in your life, but if you want that grade to slip between your fingers, give your teachers a piece of your mind.


Overall, finals week is only as hard if you make it. All you need is a little studying, a lot of confidence, and to avoid these actions. Have faith in yourself and your abilities, and you will soar!