Fuel for Finals

Snacks that will lead you to a less stressful finals week.


Josie Brewer, Staff Writer

Finals week has officially arrived and stress levels are on the rise. Whether you need to cram at the last minute or you’ve studied all year, it’s important to fuel your mind with good, nutritious foods and drinks.

To get on your way to acing finals, make sure you stay hydrated with lots of water that will keep you awake and alert. Make sure not to go overboard on caffeine, it’s okay in the right

Morgan Walje
Students share their favorite healthy snack. By Morgan Walje

amounts, but it can have bad side effects if you drink too much. If you can, use natural sources of caffeine such as dark chocolate, which can be effective in giving you energy. To ease your mind, sip on some warm chamomile tea, as it is known for fighting stress and has multiple health benefits that will put you on the right track for finals.

Make sure you start your day with a good breakfast. This could include eggs high in choline, which is known for aiding in memory-retention. Also, a side of yogurt and berries can relieve tension, and improve learning and decision making. Stressed? Include avocado in your lunch as it is high in b-vitamins and potassium that can lower your anxiety levels.

To end your day, make sure you fill up on good carbs like fruit so you don’t crash in the middle of a test. If you’re craving something salty, try some pretzels or walnuts that help against grogginess. On top of that a goods nights rest is easily one the best ways to prevent being tired, but if you really need to cram late make sure to get at least a few hours of rest.

Finals is no doubt a stressful week for everyone, but don’t let it ruin your health. Keep your head up and study hard. Good luck on finals!