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The Erie Country Christmas Parade of Lights

On Friday, December 1st, the streets of old town Erie were lit up with parade floats and the cheerful joy of the Christmas holidays.

Madeline Dickson, Staff Writer

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It was the annual Country Christmas Parade of Lights. Families were gathered on the sidewalks surrounding the streets; many kids were upon the shoulders of their fathers to see more clearly. Children looked up with eager eyes at the astounding floats and people passing by, the happiness of the holidays apparent in their young faces.

For many, the Country Christmas Parade of Lights is a celebrated tradition that always brings forth the holiday spirit at the beginning of December. To some people it can even be their favorite thing about Erie. And of course, who doesn’t love candy being thrown towards you?

Some floats are traditions, such as the Girl Scouts and Sit Means Sit floats. The latter is hands-down a crowd favorite. It has to be one of the cutest floats around. As it passes, you can often hear many children yelling, “puppy!” while waving at the trained and well-behaved dogs.

The annual parade is also very beneficial to small businesses in Erie. Often, flyers are handed out, in which information about their services can be read. Many times, people find themselves discovering new businesses and stores that they had no idea about. In a similar Erie event, the Erie Town Fair, businesses can set up booths selling things or advertise their services. Embellishing your parade float and passing out candy is almost a foolproof plan to get people to consider your business or even to hear about it.

The Country Christmas Parade of Lights began with an exciting and riveting performance from the Erie Middle and High School bands. The audience could tell they had been practicing for a long time; they all marched in time with each other, played the songs correctly, and followed the conductor well. As they marched down the street, they brought a slew of floats ready to excite the bystanders and distract them from the cold.

Last, but most certainly not least, the Santa Claus float came along. This always excites the young children eager to see the celebrated man who brings them gifts each year. They gleefully cheer and become very excited for the upcoming Christmas morning. 

Overall, the Parade of Lights is a highly successful and cheerful tradition in the town of Erie. It’s a great event for families especially; they can come together and celebrate joyfully what the true spirit of Christmas means: being together with friends and family and always striving to make others happier.]

Photo Credit: Morgan Walje

Photo Credit: Morgan Walje

Photo Credit: Morgan Walje

Photo Credit: Morgan Walje


Photo Credit: Morgan Walje

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