Sherlock: Will it Return?


Isabelle Spetalieri, staff writer

The new season of Sherlock has been a long awaited ordeal. Avid watchers have been awaiting it for awhile. Usually the seasons are released within 24 months of the last season ending, but writers have been skeptically nonspecific when questioned on when the new season will release.

Sherlock begins by bringing together elements of deduction, mystery, and drama, while using pieces from the books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Other episode titles are “A Scandal in Belgravia”, “The Hounds of Baskerville”, and “The Reichenbach Fall.” The episodes often hold a semblance of what the original books were called. In season two, “The Reichenbach Fall” is said to be based on the ending of “The Final Problem,” written by Conan Doyle, in which Sherlock falls to his death down the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland.

The First episode of season one is called “A Study in Pink” (based on the book, “A Study in Scarlet”). This episode starts out as a story about John Watson, played by Martin Freeman, who has returned from the Afghanistan War. He has a light limp that impedes some function, but is by no means incapacitating. His therapist says it is psychosomatic, meaning that it’s related to psychological trauma.The main character, Sherlock, who is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, acts quite stoic, compared to John Watson. However, the two eventually bond and decide to share a flat.

The first episode begins by announcing a string of serial suicides, which the police have been unable to comprehend. When one of the victims writes out a message as she is dying, it is found that the previous suicides were actually serial murders. Entranced by these murders, Sherlock sets off to solve the case himself, with Watson’s help, of course.

Within the first episode, Watson meets Sherlock’s “arch-enemy”, who attempts to pay Watson for routine information on Sherlock. This enemy turns out to be much different than expected, and a true enemy is brought to attention by the end of the first episode.

Each episode has its own complex plot, all as varying and as intriguing as the last.

In the modern spinoff, Sherlock is deemed a high functioning sociopath, with amazing deduction abilities. He acts as a consultant detective, someone the police go to when they are lost. Though Sherlock’s reasoning is often circuitous, he seems to get to the end point, nonetheless. In this show, John Watson seems to be Sherlock’s muse, and his partner.

As the show continues, the plot becomes further intertwined and significantly more complicated. Those who have watched this show know that second guessing is inevitable, and one never quite knows what will happen in the next moment.  

As Cumberbatch and Freeman acquire roles from larger corporations, like Marvel, the likelihood that this series will hold continuity becomes less likely, but those hooked on its incredible storyline, actors, and the light humor interlaced hope that Sherlock will recommence.