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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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May 22, 2024

Updates from the Campaign Trail

A gathering of updates from different sources, with a twist of opinion, in one place for the busy high school student.

As always politics is a messy, confusing, and ever changing series of events, happening all at once, and reported by the minute. News outlets glued to the side of the Whitehouse, are sure to let the American public know every little detail going on, or so many of them say, and being caught up on what one should know, especially as a student in high school focusing on events at home can be difficult. Hence, it only seems fair that the Erie Tiger Times would give its readers an update on what’s happening on the campaign trail, which is sure to be full of surprises into the future. 

To begin, the primary battles have begun, starting in Iowa on January 15th. This year, like many other years, Iowa is proud to kick off the race with their caucus. The caucus functions as people voting openly in a room by walking from one side to another, ever so different from the primary that came afterwards in New Hampshire. Donald Trump won this caucus in a landslide, with 20 votes, while Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley trailed behind with the former taking nine votes, and the latter taking eight. Trump had been leading in polls before this event, so as he took the win it was of little surprise. Many newswriters commented on how Haley cut into his lead, although she took third place. However, a study performed by the Pew Research center found that most republican voters chose either Trump or Haley as their first choice, and most people saw DeSantis as a second. 

Nikki Haley giving a press conference. (CNN )

Ultimately the loss in Iowa was a strong blow to the DeSantis campaign, and he announced in a press briefing that he would be withdrawing from this election, or rather that he was suspending the race until the next time around. This is definitely more possible for him compared to others in the race as he is only around 45 years of age.

Governor Ron DeSantis (CBS News )

Then as Trump remains in the lead, he begins to look at a Vice President to-be, which in a sense is unexpected. Elise Stefanik is a house representative from the 21st district in New York, who is known for her support of the unborn’s right to life, and being Pro-Israel. Stefanik also commented on Trump’s win in Iowa saying, “America is rallying in support of President Trump to save America and fire Joe Biden.” She made that comment within a press conference on January 17th. 

Then as the New Hampshire Primary began on the 23rd, the two leading candidates stood out as Trump for the Republican party with a 54% lead, and Joe Biden for the democrats with 63% lead. As a state that is known for being truly a battle ground, we can see the possibility of a repeat from last election. Joe Biden, and Donald Trump who both have had a four year tryout for this election. Even under different circumstances, many Americans will look and think back on the four years with both, and how life was for them. Funny how the year that we vote to keep one or take the other that gas prices have suddenly gone down. 

Donald Trump speaking at the Iowa caucus. (The Des Moines Register )

Though this plot becomes more interesting and unprecedented as Trump faces four criminal trials, while running to be the president of the United States. While Former President Trump is liked by many, and certainly has a good chance of being the Republican candidate, this for many is a clear contrast to who they envision as the situation that should be. 

While Republicans are soaking up most of the news, there is still movement on the left side of the aisle. For example, Vice President Kamala Harris is due to take some of her first steps on this years campaign trail, hosting a “get-out-the-vote” rally in Las Vegas, just a mile away from Trump’s rally, which is due to happen a day after he was order to give $83.3 Million in damages to E. Jean Carroll. 

Harris has decided to jump in the race while her approval ratings have sunk down to 37.5 percent as of January 19th, which are even lower than President Biden’s approval ratings. This decision to get into the fight, shakes up the conditions for the democratic party as it may become incumbent president versus the incumbent Vice president, who lacks some of the issues that are brought up by voters currently, like age, ability, and public speaking. 

Though of course there’s more, while for democratic voters in the primaries so far, President Biden has been taking the lead, although the one cutting into his lead is known as Dean Philips. Known as a “moderate democrat,” as reported by the New York Times. There was only one topic that he didn’t vote with Biden on in congress, which is the economy. This is mostly found within his disagreement with Biden’s message around, “Bidenomics.” As reported by USA Today.

FILE – In this June 11, 2020, file photo Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden smiles while speaking during a roundtable on economic reopening with community members in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum, File) (AP)

So as America grows and changes, with every event, so too does American politics. The ever changing arena, in which the candidates move in ways both seen by the public, and in other ways that won’t ever reach the minds of their constituents. Though, that’s how it has always been for the young country

, and every generation in sense has chosen to believe those in power. It’s up to the next generations of today and tomorrow to choose if they will do the same, or if they will choose to change whatever they feel needs change. 

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