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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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    Erie Student Wins International Language Competition


    In an extraordinary feat, Erie High School’s Sebastian Delgado has emerged triumphant in a global language competition, known as ImmerseMe, showing off his exceptional hard work and multilingual talent on the international stage. The competition, which involved hundreds of schools worldwide, ended with Sebastian securing the top spot in the French category and a remarkable third place finish in the Spanish competition as well.

    “I feel proud of myself,” said Delgado, “I put in probably over ten hours [of work] into it,” he added.

    The competition lasted about a week, and drew in participants from across the globe to test their proficiency in an array of different languages. Delgado’s victories not only shed light on Erie High School but also highlighted the high caliber of linguistic education offered within its halls. One teacher in particular, Catherine Zwink, spearheaded the push for students to compete.

    “I was completely amazed,” she expressed, “I know I have amazing students, but the fact that they were able to achieve third place in the world and first place in the world, it was incredible,” Zwink gleamed.

    The French competition, in which Sebastian claimed the championship, witnessed participants showing off various language skills, including grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Sebastian’s firm grasp and understanding of the French language set him apart from competitors across the world. Delgado’s success was not a solitary triumph for Erie High School. Several other students from the school also showed off their knowledge, placing highly in the global rankings. Their achievements exemplified the school’s commitment to providing language education that prepares students for success, both in life, and even on the global stage. Again, Zwink emphasized her students’ role over her own. 

    “This just goes to show what amazing and wonderful students we have,” Zwink added, “worldwide, I think we had over two hundred fifty schools {competing}, colleges and high schools from India, Australia, Switzerland, and other schools, including the Air Force Academy, and I think we did really well,” she finished. 

    Overall, the accomplishments of Delgado, along with many other students who placed both on the district and on the worldwide rankings proved to be an incredible accomplishment not just for the winners, but for the language department at Erie High School as well. And in the process of the competition, the teachers and students accomplished feats that many of them couldn’t even imagine just a few short weeks ago. And in the words of Sebastian Delgado, 

    “It felt pretty good.”


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