The iPhone X: New Technology Turned Sour?

Is the new iPhone worth the exorbitant price accustomed to all apple technology?


Isabelle Spetalieri, staff writer

Imagine the perfect phone: an incredible camera, an amazing amount of pixels, and adequate networks and speed. The idea of a perfect phone has been an object fought over and sought for for decades. Though the idea of a perfect phone is different for each person, the aspects and elements deemed pertinent are similar.

Supposedly, the iPhone X has an amazing camera with more pixels, allowing for better photos and superior quality. Unfortunately, the iPhone X does not have a home button, and instead of using fingerprint technology, the new phone will use facial recognition technology. Some people are suspicious of how the information will be stored and accessed in iPhone’s software. Privacy policies are being questioned.

Some conspiracists are worried the government will use the new technology to track people, as a new type of surveillance. Such usage could help lower the amount of unsolved crimes, but it could also breach the needed privacy in America, that is pertinent to its free and comfortable state.

The iPhone also does not have a headphone jack, like the designs before. The cost of the iPhone X is very high, perhaps reflecting the superior quality, but also a risky option, for such new technology.

Though the comfort of continuing on in the cycle of similar technology is sometimes easier, going outside the comfort zone, and trying new technology can help to forward the human race, and even in the case of phones, buying the iPhone X, and experiencing the new technology can be an interesting and different experience.

The new software also comes with animoji; a type of emoji that is a cross between such, and a gif, an interesting combination.

Although the phone is supposed to be a superior design, multiple tests have been undertaken, showing that the iPhone X is just as fragile, if not more fragile than the previous designs.

Samsung has launched an entire new ad campaign making fun of Apple and its customers and products, and those who have had iPhone’s can certainly relate to some of the pitfalls found with using Apple products. Though, there are pitfalls with every type of technology, and the downfall with the most forward thinking and forefront technology is the complications that are easily sanctioned. There will be problems in any new thing, and some advice to those who wish to pursue a purchase of the iPhone X is that it will have problems, certainly, just as everything does, but that the quality, and uniqueness of such a superior technology could outweigh the downfalls that come alongside it.