Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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Stories You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

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May 22, 2024

Matthew Perry: An Unforgettable Legacy


On the 28th of October, activist and actor Matthew Perry sadly lost his life in his Los Angeles home. The news of his death brings up countless emotions, as friends, family, and fans continue to grieve his death. 


Matthew Perry is most famous for his iconic role as “Chandler Bing” on the popular sitcom, Friends. His character touched the nation’s heart with his witty jokes and well-timed comments. He also appeared in movies such as The Whole Nine Yards and Serving Sara, as well as other TV shows like Beverly Hills and The Odd Couple. 


Maris DeMers, a sophomore at Erie High School, says, “He was always laughing or smiling,” she follows, “It was obvious the character [Chandler Bing] was meant to be played by a person like Matthew Perry.” Ellys Nelson, a junior at Erie High, adds onto this idea, “He was a great friend and really showed such giddy and love throughout his character.” 


Perry’s character created a huge impact on student’s lives, as they grew up watching the timeless show. Ellys reminisces on the nights she used to spend watching the show with her sisters, “We could pause our world and press play on another. We would laugh our heads off and squeal in excitement when something good happened.” 


This show was an escape from reality for some, as it not only entertained people, but also allowed them to relax and rewind from their lives. Nelson also says Perry’s character taught her important lessons, such as self love and happiness, “Chandler showed us how to compromise, to love ourselves and others, and to just keep on laughing.” 


DeMers describes an almost universal experience of watching the TV show, “I started watching Friends in early middle school,” Despite the early discovery of the show, she still values the lessons the show taught her. Ellys even describes it as, “an escape from reality” in reference to the memories the show gave her. Circling back, DeMers explains that even though it had more mature concepts she was ready for, it also taught her countless lessons such as “the value of good friendships and building relationships with people you can rely on.”


Although he is most known for his acting career, Perry has also been a known activist for the National Drug Control Policy, as well as being a spokesperson for the National Association of Drug Court Professionals. Drug courts are specialized programs that aid and assist former drug users and to reduce the potential risks of incarceration and criminal activity. In addition to being a celebrity advocate, he also created “the Perry House”, to help aid men in their journey to sobriety. Nelson quotes, “He took his experiences with addiction and he created the Perry House, for sobriety living. [It] helped so many people on the road to sobriety.” 


The death of Matthew Perry has devastated the world, his heartfelt characters and powerful advocacy has made a huge impact on the world. He has created an amazing and lasting community that will surely continue his legacy for many years to come. Sophomore Abby Mier says, “[His life] will be a legacy to remember.”


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Claire Nguyen
Claire Nguyen, Staff Reporter
Claire Nguyen is a sophomore at Erie High School. This is her first year in ETN, and is very excited to begin writing for the news! She is the Deputy General of Model UN, and a player/manager for the tennis team. In the future,  she hopes to continue her education and become a lawyer.

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