Get Ready to Welcome a McDonald’s and Boulder Community Health to Erie

The ever-growing population of Erie brings in new businesses, including a Mcdonald’s and Boulder Community Health.


New businesses coming to Erie.

Ashley Bedore, Editor-in-Chief

Erie has always been a small town, but the recent addition of urban businesses have created a more appealing atmosphere to adults and kids alike. According to Erie’s Assistant Administrator, Fred Diehl, Erie will soon see a McDonald’s and 1st Bank near the King Soopers on Highway 7, as well as a Boulder Community Health on Erie Parkway and Briggs Street.

“The Town of Erie works directly with national retailers,” recalls Diehl, as he explains that Erie’s population growth is what is drawing in more well-known businesses. This is Diehl’s 17th year working for the Town of Erie, and he has seen all the incredible growth and “unique opportunities” this town has to offer.

“King Soopers is Erie’s big success story,” states Diehl, with high hopes for more small town victories in the near future.

Although the King Soopers property lays primarily in the city of Broomfield, King Soopers chose to call Erie its home. This decision could have been due to Erie’s growing population, beautiful land, or simply the fact that residents are longing to shop locally. With more businesses popping up around Erie, homeowners are excited to see their taxes going towards making their community a better place.

Sign in front of the construction that is underway next to the King Soopers on Highway 7

With just around 25,000 people, the town of Erie is working hard to make Old Town a designated hang-out spot. This is now one of Erie’s biggest goals, since it has been predicted that Erie’s population will soon grow to 40,000. It is hoped that those that typically head to downtown Denver and Pearl Street on a Friday night will soon retreat to spending time with their neighbors in Old Town.

Erie’s Town Hall is currently conducting meetings to talk about expanding some of its business to I-25, where a technology center is hoped to take form, with similarities shared with Denver Tech Center. This is just one component of Erie’s master plan to make Erie a greater place to live with a quality of life that is perfect for everyone.

There is also some talk about a Sonic going in near the King Soopers, but that is still in the planning phase. You can check out all of Erie’s current construction projects below by clicking on the red and green location pins.