Girls’ Tennis Caps Off Historic Season


Ian McGuire, Staff Writer

The Erie High School Girls Tennis team is gearing up for an impressive run at the 4A state championship, with three of their lines making the trip to Pueblo Colorado, home of the state championship tournament this year.


The team is sending both 2 doubles and 3 doubles, who managed to secure their spot at state after incredible victories over Niwot, the top seed, at regionals. Meanwhile, 4 doubles will also be representing Erie at the state championship after beating Silver Creek. The team has already shown remarkable resilience, particularly with the thrilling third set tie break win by 3 doubles over Niwot at regionals. All eyes are now on Erie as they prepare to compete at the highest level against the top teams in the state. This is an incredible accomplishment for the team, and they are all eager to show what they can do on the court.


The sun is beginning to rise over the horizon in Erie, Colorado, and the girls’ tennis team at Erie High School is hitting the road. It has not been easy for this Erie team, but they have shown great resilience and determination throughout the season. At regionals, two, three, and four doubles all cruised through the competition to go to state, a testament to their skill and mental toughness.


Coach Matt Chavez has been impressed with the team’s performance all season long. “We have a really strong team this year,” he says. “The girls have been working hard and it’s really paid off. I’m pumped for state.”


The team’s success this year is due in no small part to their hard work and dedication. They have been practicing for hours every day, honing their skills and perfecting their technique. They have also been working on their mental game, learning how to stay focused and motivated even when the competition gets tough. This is especially true for two doubles, Stella Landis and Kendall Wachowiak. 


Going into regionals, one double was on a six match losing streak. Despite this chip on their shoulders, they prevailed and clutched up at regionals, punching their ticket to state. 


Thruought the season, team captains were a vital core to the team. Senior captain JoJo Orona has been a key player for the team this year not only on the court, but off the court too. She has provided leadership and guidance for younger players. “Getting to know her has been one of the most incredible pleasures,” says Addie Osborne, four doubles player and state qualifier. “She’s a natural leader and the other girls really look up to her. She’s been a big part of our success this year.”


Dani Bahenski, the other team captain, was also a great asset to the team this year. Dani is not only a talented player, but a natural leader as well. 


“At first I was scared of Dani because she was a senior and because she’s so good, but she’s such a nice person,” says Maris Demers, a freshman playing the top JV spot. Needless to say, these senior team captains will be missed. 


Juniors and two doubles state qualifiers, Landis and Wachowiak, have also been standout players for the team this year, Wachowiak with her powerful serves, and Landis with her lightning-fast reflexes. “They’re both great players,” says Coach Chavez. “They’ve seen some adversity, but I think they’ll bounce back,” says Chavez, “ they’ve been an asset to the team and I’m excited to see what they can do at state.”


As the team prepares for the state championships, they are focused and determined. They know that the competition will be tough, but they are ready to give it their all and show what they can do on the court with a killer combo of grit and skill.


The girls have been practicing hard in the weeks leading up to state, working on their rallying, their volleys, and their serves. Coach Chavez has also been preparing them individually for their first round opponents. Chavez used to play one singles for Niwot, and qualified for state multiple times in his time playing high school tennis. He’s familiar with teams in the state, and pays close attention to other teams’ style of play, so that he can prepare his players for their matchups. 


The team’s resilience has been particularly impressive this year. Despite facing some tough opponents and setbacks along the way, they have always managed to bounce back and keep fighting, especially towards the end of the season. 


“We had a challenging schedule this year,” says Coach Chavez. “But we were able to grow and develop better as a team, and hopefully show up to state stronger,” he says.


As the state championship draws closer, the team is feeling a mix of excitement and nerves. They know that the competition will be fierce, but they are also confident in their abilities and in the hard work that they have put in all season long.


May 12, 2023


It was a truly bittersweet end to the season for Erie girls tennis. Although some of the draws looked promising and the Tigers put up a good fight, all of Erie’s lines were first round exits. This was a disappointing end to the season, but there’s hope for the future as well.


“I think we’ve really improved since the start of the season, and I’m proud of us, even if we didn’t win,” says Stella Landis. Others can agree with this sentiment as well, including Addie Rice.


“I’m so proud of the team as a whole. Two of us placed first at regionals, and three of us qualified for state,” she says. There is something to be said for this team’s performance at regionals. Before last year, nobody on the Erie girls tennis team had ever qualified for state. And this year, the team exceeded expectations, sending three lines to state. The tennis program is on a rapid upward trajectory, and next year, they’re going to lethal. And if anybody was wondering about that, well, Coach Chavez has three words for you. 


We’ll be back.”