MUN Hosts a Successful Conference


Lauren Adams, Staff Writer

Model United Nations took part in another successful conference in early April. On Saturday, April 8th EHS worked with the Skyline High School MUN team to host a MUN conference at Erie High School.

This is the third year that Erie has hosted a conference, and this conference has become well known by schools around the state for the unique topics and lively councils. In addition to the historical and traditional topics, this conference includes fictional councils such as a Marvel council where every delegate represents a superhero, as well as a Dungeons and Dragons inspired magical plague topic, a historical Roman Senate, covering what to do after the assassination of Julius Caesar, and a reoccurring Lunar Development council, which takes place in a futuristic timelines where the moon has been colonized.

Hosting a conference takes a lot of preparation, and the members have been hard at work since the beginning of the year to coordinate everything. Oliver Ramirez, the Secretary General of the club, noted that the hardest part of preparing for this conference was; “Making sure we had enough people to help run the conference, which was challenging because this year we got more people in attendance than previous years!”

Oliver continued by saying that his favorite part of the conference was “the opportunity to work with people from Skyline. The Model U.N. team at Skyline is incredible and we had a lot of fun planning everything. This year is our third year working with Skyline, so our two teams have become fairly close and at this point it’s a tradition.”

In March some of the members had the opportunity to go to New York and attend a conference that had delegates from all around the world. The conference was three days long and taught the members many important skills and strategies to use during the rest of their MUN career. Everyone who went on this trip had an amazing time and were looking forward to using all of the skills they learned in New York, at the conference. This conference was the last one of this school year for many schools, so there was a very large attendance. All of the schools who attended were on their best behavior and gave their all, with the goal of winning some awards. 

Overall the conference was a great success, with every participant having a good time. Cristina Wells, a student at Cheyenne East High School described the conference as the “best one all year”, which is high praise from a student who has attended conferences at Kent Denver, Valor, and other prestigious schools. 

For the future 2023-2024 MUN season there will be an all new leadership team as well as two new sponsors, so the team is looking forward to seeing how the club continues to grow.