Searching To Make A Deep Run


Liam Connors, Courtesy of BoCo Preps

Hayden Jackson, Student Writer

The sounds of clashing sticks reverberates though the air, as boys in helmets chase after a small ball, tossing it from one person to the next, with the hopes of scoring a goal. This is a lacrosse game at Erie High School. Led by captains Liam Connors and Charlie O’Brien, the team is looking to make a deeper run into the playoffs like no other season.


In the past few years, Erie has lost later in the 4A state playoffs. In the 2022 state playoffs, Erie made it to the semifinals but ended when losing to Cheyenne Mountain 9-7. Two years ago the same thing happened again, but in quarter finals. This continuous occurrence has sunk deep into the ambitions of this years lacrosse team, having them returning to the field more competitive than ever. 

Erie Lacrosse vs Denver South
Courtesy of BoCo Preps


Connors, a recent Denver University commit, realizes that the tensions and competitive nature between both Erie and Cheyenne Mountain are more intense than in the past. He says, “to beat Cheyenne we are going to have to be really good athletes and competitors. When we see them later in the playoffs like we normally do we will have to be ready for them at any stage or situation in the playoffs.” 


This vivacity has even impacted most of the varsity team, inspiration has helped the older players work hard for the win. Over half of the starting variety of players have earned a scholarship to play at the next level ranging from NCAA division three schools to division one schools. 


As more and more college-level players pile up on this team the expectations and goals for each player grow to a new level.


Liam Connors Courtesy of BoCo Preps

After committing to Denver University for lacrosse Liam Connors hasn’t felt much change from his teammates becoming a NCAA athlete.  “Nothing changed for me and my mindset, still working hard and doing what I need to do to be the best I possibly can.”


2025 goalie Sam Beach who has become a respectable and energetic player for this Erie team has felt the impact on the team raising their expectations from last year. 


Sam Beach wants to see more energy from the team and put on a show for the audience when watching their games for the regular season and postseason. “Our goals are to continue to progress throughout the season and put on a show when playoffs come around.” 


Like Sam, Liam Connors is a team player who wants to put the team first and the team’s success so this string group can accomplish their goals after falling short the last couple of years. “Our main goal this season is to win the state title because we’ve been so close every year and this group of guys feels like it could be the one to do it.” 


If the strong Erie Tigers can break through the team that has stopped them from going to the state championship game then it would become a phenomenal season. 


Determination and sticking together through the ups and downs will be the key to success for this Erie team to win state and set the foundation for years to come.