AP Classes Creating Opportunities For Students


Hayden K Jackson, Student Writer

As Erie high school is getting older,  more AP classes are being administered to the students. Even if students are just taking the AP classes to be with a friend or to take a class it’s challenging. They are helping students learn really beneficial skills such as responsibility and time management.


For the students that are taking the classes to have a challenge, the AP Capstone program is a very good program to get colleges to recognize that you took challenging courses and wanted to push themselves to be better in school. Senior Hudson Willard has taken six AP classes over his high school tenure. Hudson, like many other students, utilized the fact that AP classes help your GPA on top of the challenge in the class. “The GPA booster, in a way, is helpful, so like for the AP classes you get that extra boost if you have a B it will look like an A on the transcript.” 


Installed within the AP classes there is the ability for the high school students to show colleges their talents before going to college. The AP exams that happen in the spring are a hard test for colleges to look at the scores you got on the exam, students can also get credit for college courses.


Junior Carter Navulur, who has taken a lot of AP classes, says that having an AP window for students who may be new to the curriculum is very beneficial to the whole school. The way the school’s AP classes raise the GPAs in confidence within the students puts students at a huge advantage for the students’ futures. 


Carter and so many other students at Erie High are so knowledgeable on what they want and college and also what they contact off of college right now in high school. Having the opportunity to maybe take a year of college English, helps open up other classes to these students to help them get a master’s degree or go into Graduate school. 


As every day goes by, more and more students at any grade level are interested in taking AP classes to further advance their skills but also knowledge of what they can do. Having students that want to push themselves builds a good workforce and educational workplace.