Erie Swim Team Goes to State


Mackenna Pierson, Assistant Editor and Social Media Manager

The smell of chlorine clings to the air, and the sounds of unstill waters bounces off the walls. The feeling of nervous anticipation consumes the bones of the swimmers preparing to swim, as other ones are in the water rushing from wall to wall, just hoping to get the fastest time. This last week the This last week girls from Erie High School were just a couple of those athletes participating in the State Swim meet. 

At this event schools from all over Colorado competed. To go to state there are certain qualifying times that swimmers need to meet. However swimmers who don’t meet those times can still go to a different championship meet.

Junior Devyn Nabarrete explains how the swim team functions, “swim’s a great opportunity to be part of a team as well as focus on individual talents and individual goals.”

This year’s State Swim team consisted of Anna Lillie, Kambrie Payne, Nicole Spray, Ally Carry, Kenzie Littman, Ame Shores, Hunter Kraus, Anna Dunn, Devyn Nabarrete and Shelby Vonlintel. Seniors like

With so many seniors on the team, it provides a great opportunity for juniors like Nabarrete to learn from more seasoned swimmers. “When I joined the team they were there to help me and improve certain techniques and dive work and stuff like that… I didn’t see them as better than me, but more as inspiration and like mentors.”

To prepare for state, the swim the team practiced using the taper method. 

Senior, Anna Lillie explains, “If you don’t know what a taper is, it’s where you train really hard and then you just kind of go super easy and you practice really chill for like a couple days before the meet. And then once you’re at the meet you’re just feeling really good, really strong and you go really fast.”

The practices leading up to state are also full of team building opportunities and fun activities such as themed practices and team dinners.  

Lillie describes, “yesterday we had bikini day because why not? So just like doing things to make sure we’re feeling good and have good energy.”

Nabarrete adds that, “it’s really nice to know people outside of swim, like to interact with them and to know on a more personal level.”

The hard work of both juniors and seniors the team was able to excel at their state meet. There were several finalists and swimmers placed well in their events. Additionally, some personal records were set. 

Nabarrete reflects on her season, stating, “Overall I did my best and I’m proud of what I achieved this season.” This pride comes from all of the effort that swimmers put into their training and meets. 

According to Anna Lillie, “we work pretty hard and I don’t think a lot of people realize how difficult of a sport it is.” 

Despite the difficult nature of the sport, Eries swim team powered through with such a successful finish to their season, but even though this year’s swim season is over it’s still important to support Eries’ Swim Team. 

Lillie explains how “just acknowledging our achievements in itself is just really important and we appreciate it.”

With swim being a less recognized sport amongst other high school teams, supporting the swim team is a great opportunity to acknowledge lesser known sports.

Nabarrete details how “knowing that all sports matter equally, no matter how many people are part of that team should be more known.”

The swim season coming to a close is a bittersweet, for all swimmers but especially seniors who just finished their last ever high school swim season. 

Anna Lillie describes, “It’s been a great last season and I’m sad to see it go, but next chapter, you know.”

Overall the swim team had a great season, did well at state, and can now move on to the next phase whether that’s going on to college, or swimming again next season.