What You Should Know About The Winter Formal


Ian McGuire, Writer

It’s a new year, and there are lots of new plans at Erie High School. This growing community and school has storied traditions, such as the Briggs Street Bash, and also more classic events, like homecoming. In this ever changing community, there are always new ideas and events introduced. One brand new event is sticking out, and that’s the Winter Formal, being hosted and run by Erie’s student government.

“It’s going to be a good one,” says Dax Bradshaw, a Junior and member of StuGo. The dance has no official theme, but students are encouraged to dress formally, as though it was a homecoming. 

Though this dance is similar to some of the other dances, it has its differences. The first is that the dance will take place in the big gym, with the hallways down to the junior senior lounge open for students.  If there are more than one thousand tickets sold, the small gym will also be open to the public. The second thing to remember is that the Winter Formal is for Erie High students and their guests. The third and final thing to look forward to is that there will be no DJ. Instead, a phone will be hooked up to the aux, and students will be able to request any song, like a jukebox.

“The dance will take place on February fourth, at 6:00 PM,” Bradshaw adds. “You can expect snacks, refreshments, and everything else that you would expect from homecoming or prom,” says Bradshaw. 

This is a truly exciting event, and there’s a buzz of anticipation and holiday cheer around school leading up to it. 

“I’m really excited for it,” says Anna Dunn, a senior here at Erie High. And for many of the seniors, this is a fun way to enter their last semester of high school. Festivities, cheer, and friends are fun every year, and now we can all experience it together as a high school community. It’s not just this year, either. The Winter Formal is intended to stick for years to come, starting a brand new tradition. 

All in all, the Winter Formal has many in the community excited, and for good reason. This night of fun is a perfect way to kick off the second semester of the school year. An extra dance with friends, food, drinks, and festivities are all in order to bring the school together on the night on January twenty first. Students with any questions can reach out to Mackenzie Stuart a social studies teacher at Erie High, and the over seer of student government.