Thanksgiving, A Holiday Like No Other


Ellie Keniston , Student Writer

Every year on the fourth Thursday of November people all around the United States celebrate Thanksgiving. Most students and teachers at Erie High School are no different, taking the week off to celebrate the holiday in a variety of ways.

Thanksgiving is known for the massive feast most families make, often including a turkey and side dishes, a long lasting debate at Erie is which traditional Thanksgiving food is the best. According to sophomore Carly Spoon, “the best Thanksgiving food is definitely mac n’ cheese or deer sausage, my uncle is a hunter and he always hunts deer for Thanksgiving, so that’s always good.” Though, senior Wyatt Hendrix-Johnson might disagree, debating that apple pie is the best Thanksgiving food.

Every family has their own Thanksgiving traditions, some popular ones are making a holiday dinner and enjoying it with family on the evening of Thanksgiving. Spencer Haakmeester, a sophomore, is spending his Thanksgiving the traditional way, “I’m probably hanging out with my family and having them over for dinner.”

Although, some families have other traditions separate from the customary Thanksgiving dinner. After his family eats, Hendrix-Johnson will play football with his dad’s family when he goes to Minnesota, “since there is usually snow we shovel the boundaries and lines into the snow.”

Other families might engage in more unusual activities after their Thanksgiving feast. “We all grab big bb guns that used to be my grandpas and then we shoot trees after we all eat,” Spoon mentioned.

As much entertainment as Thanksgiving offers like the food, the traditions, and so much more it also leaves every family with a huge pile of dishes. Sophia Billington, a teacher here at Erie mentions that even though she likes Thanksgiving and seeing the rest of her family, she always ends up doing the dishes. “With my sister, we are like the ‘dish-doers’ of the family.”

Thanksgiving is a very popular holiday at Erie, and most will say it is the perfect time to enjoy good food, the company of your loved ones, and to remember all that you are grateful for.