8th Graders are Introduced to EHS at the Annual Open House


Mary Pham, Student Writer

The annual Open House is back on November 8, from 6pm to 8pm at Erie High School. This event is a great opportunity for the 8th graders in Erie to come and learn about the school and helps guide them towards what classes they can take next year. 


The Open House is also a great opportunity for the 8th graders to ask  any questions or concerns that they have for their freshman year. Mrs. Peebles explained how the event works.“They will be released from the auditorium and able to walk around the school and each of our classes or departments has a table that includes not just core subjects but also electives.”


This event is a way for parents to see if they want to register their kids at Erie High. The Open House is an educational experience for future freshmen that have been wanting to go to Erie High as they are informed about what the school offers and what the atmosphere is like. Peebles stated, “We showcase great culture and all the opportunities Erie High has to offer include our 3 focus program including AP Capstone, ETN,and our Engineering program.”


The Open House can also be super thrilling because Erie High School provides an amazing opportunity for students to start learning what they want to do for their career. High School is a whole new experience that the soon-to-be-freshman will undergo once they finish middle school because there are many more subjects that they can explore. Mrs.Peebles explains how students will feel when they come to high school for the first time., “It’s just a whole new level of excitement.”


This Open House is a very educational opportunity that Erie High recommends for people who are planning on going to high school next year. The Open House gives them a chance to learn about Erie High School and all of the staff would love to bring new members to the Erie High community.