Erie Idol Begins


Danay Schara, Erie News Director

As October came around the corner, that means the Erie idol is coming too! This is always a fun time around Erie because it allows not only students to participate, but also parents and teachers. There will be about ten students who will be chosen to compete in this competition and they will battle it out to the top five.


During each performance, a couple teachers and admin will be the judges and will give each act their opinion. The parents and audience will come into play when it’s time to judge each audition and who they want to progress to the next round.


 “It’s just a really special event in the community to bring us all together and see the talent our students have as solo performers.” Burd said. 

As Mrs. Burd is running the event for three years now and is the choir teacher, her main highlight for “students is to be selected and have that opportunity to perform.”


As the students are picking their song lists and preparing for the auditions and performances, they are waiting for the news of making it into the show. Saylor Russ is a current choir student and is planning on auditioning for the Erie Idol. 


“I think my favorite part was probably watching everybody else from the back stage.” 

Students not only get feedback and encouragement from fellow students but from judges as well. “I had so much fun last time and I just had such a good experience.” Said Saylor Russ. This event will be held in the high school auditorium and it will be $5 to get in. Those five dollars include your vote for who you like. “It’s one of the biggest fundraisers of the semester.”


For those who would like to watch the show but can’t physically attend, it will be broadcasted on the Erie Tiger Network YouTube channel. Once the Erie Idol champion will be announced, they will win a gift card and the feeling of glory. Brandon Bird, a teacher here at Erie, will be the host of the event and will introduce us to the students singing while Stecina, Carpenter, and Bird will be the judges for the show. This event was started by the old choir teacher, Mrs. Bird, and it has been gladly handed over and continued by the current Mrs.Burd! Be sure to come show your support and see all the student talent we have here in Erie High School.