Softball- State Bound


Kaitlyn Allen, Staff Writer

After making it to state last year, the Erie softball team is back at it again. This season is led by the new head coach Tobin Echohawk and the assistant coach Jennifer Valadez. The softball team is hungry to win state this year and confident enough to do so.

Echohawk is coming off coaching Division One for 15 years. A majority of teams would struggle with a new coach and a new dynamic for the team.  However, this doesn’t seem to be a struggle at all for Erie, as the team moves and communicates as one.  Watching the team play is so fun, and they encourage spectators. 

With one of the best reputations in Colorado for high school softball, this new coach and the talent on the team are preparing the team for the state championship. Senior Jaslin Hernadez corroborated that, “I think we have a great group of girls this year and the competition is a little easier. I think as a group so far, we are clicking and able to move as one, so I think the state championship is on our radar.”

Later on, Hernadez also confidently said that she knows they will win state this year. With an impeccable record so far making it regionals it seems that Hernadez called it. Every time i go to finish this story they win a game and make it to the next level. So, keep up with the team and their path to state. 

With the team ready to win state, what’s Echohawk’s view on state this year and the pressure associated was of interest.  Her answer included, “So I don’t feel a lot of pressure. I know they do. We are a pretty successful program. We have a lot of traditions in this program. I’m trying my best to minimize that pressure and just help them enjoy the experience”

 The pressure of state is slightly off the girls but with all this said and done, softball season is coming to a close and the team only lost 3 games so far. With an 20 game long winning streak, softball has already made league champions going into regionals. With how much success softball has had in the past it’s difficult to say this is all due to talent or coaching. Valdez summed up that “Erie there is so much talent coming through the program that you know we easily have 25-30 kids that could easily make varsity at most schools. So, it is hard to pick the varsity squad but it’s great to see the level of talent and the tradition this program holds, and the athletes hold as they come through this school.”

As Valdez said, the tradition for Erie pulls through and it is looking like there is a tradition of hosting an amazing softball team. Mixing tradition, talent, and experience has crafted the amazing team that is ready to dominate at regionals and through the state championship.