Emily Frech: Running For Student Body President To Make A Difference


Emily Frech poses infront of the polling booth

Joe Green, Staff Writer

The election of a new Student Body President at Erie High School was in question after the term of Dario Hinojosa was coming to an end.  


Emily Frech’s campaign was part of a push for Student Body President that was a suspenseful and thrilling race to see who has the power to make a difference at Erie Highschool. 


Emily Frech was the Junior Class President heading into the elections and was a popular candidate among many people in the student body.  


The reason Frech ran for student body president was because “[She] like[s] being able to make a difference and this position allows [her] to have a positive impact on Erie Highschool. [She] love[s] creating fun experiences for the student body because school is so much more than just going to class.” She added, “When we look back at our highschool days, I want students to remember the events and experiences our StuGo was able to help create, like Homecoming and Class Battle Week. I want to make a difference and be remembered as the Student Body President who made good on my promises. I want to create events and experiences that are fun and memorable and therefore continue on after I graduate.”


Emily Frech, noted the impact that she thinks she will have if she wins the position. “This will be my third year in Stugo and last year was my first year in an executive position. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be in office and the amazing experience definitely inspired me to run again. I joined my sophomore year and it was one of the best decisions. I wasn’t sure if stugo would necessarily be “my thing” but after joining it has become a big part of my life… That’s one of my goals as student body president, to be able to reach as many 8th graders as possible to get as many freshman representatives as possible after I graduate.”


Emily Frech weighed in on how her experience in Student Government has influenced her. “Having experience in Stugo, I’ve seen the influence the student body president has over not only the execs and the class but the whole school and the flow of events. I was definitely inspired by Izzy Hageman and Dario Hinojosa, they’ve done such an amazing job as Student Body President these past two years and their encouragement towards me to run has definitely influenced my decision.”


On the day before Election Day, students put their ballots into the official ballot box. After saying the names of the other elected students for other roles in student government, Kaitlyn Gentert-Wart (better known as Mrs.G) finally said the name of the Student Body President.


After a long campaign, the wait was finally over. Emily Frech was the new Student Body President. Mrs. G, who says she “just run[s] the school elections.” said, “I think Emily Frech won the election because she worked hard to make herself well known, she is the current junior class president and she listened to what would excite the student body and capitalized on that.”


Mrs. G said that she thinks when Emily Frech is president, she will “reinvigorate student spirit, provide seniors reasons to get involved and celebrate being Erie Tigers and breathe fresh air into the spirit of the student body.”


Emily Frech will start her term as Student Body President on August 17 2022, the first day of school.